TWC9: WebsiteSpark, Win7 BootCamp, useful PowerShell scripts

Play TWC9: WebsiteSpark, Win7 BootCamp, useful PowerShell scripts
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This week on Channel 9, Dan is joined by Clint Rutkas where they discuss:

- Clint discusses his new job and his obsession with bacon
Scott Guthrie on Channel 9 - WebsiteSpark, Web Platform Installer, and Web App Gallery
Web App Toolkits - samples to build a FAQ, send email, add Messenger, etc (overview video)
- Free Windows 7 Developer Boot Camp with Mark Russinovich and Arun Kishan on Nov 16th, you don't even need to be a PDC attendee
- Microsoft announces Simple API for Cloud Application Services, APIs for PHP developers
- Microsoft: VB/C# Code Snippets to use with the Open XML Format SDK, via Greg Duncan
- Brian Peek and Rick Barraza - Coding4Fun Show - Advanced Rendering with Silverlight
- Scott Hanselman - Batch converting a directory of videos for Xbox 360 using Windows PowerShell and Handbrake or Expression Encoder
- Cody Batt - DevX - Call Windows PowerShell Cmdlets from C#
- Tom Hearn - Read iPhone text messages using C# and SQLite from your backup image, via Alvin Ashcraft
- Giorgio Minardi - Code Project - A basic introduction to the Unity Application Block
- Larry Larsen - MS Hardware Labs 6 part series
- Tina Wood - Niner questions: Curtis Creamer from Bungie on Halo 3 ODST

Picks of the week:
- Clint's pick: Scott Hanselman'sCross-browser testing recap
- Dan's pick: Mattel releases MindFlex mind control game, Dan wants to hack it, via Blake Handler



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