TWC9: Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010 Blowout!

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This week on Channel 9, Brian and Dan celebrate two of our favorite products being launched in the same week, Windows 7 RTMs and Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is available to everyone!

Windows 7 Launch Content
- Watch the Windows 7 Launch event
- Brandon LeBlanc - Windows Team Blog - 7 Days of Windows 7 for great PC deals
- Sarah Perez - @MicrosoftHelps - Official Microsoft support channel on Twitter for Windows 7
- Channel 9 launches Training Courses for Windows 7 - Hands-on labs and videos
- Mark Russinovich - Windows 7 Redux
- Sara Perez posting on Channel 9 - CableCard how-to with Windows 7 Media Center

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2
- Visual Studio 2010 (bootstrapper and ISO) and Visual Studio Express Editions available for download
- Visual Studio 2010 SKU Comparison Chart - Dan and Brian discuss what it all means
- Patrick Smacchia - Visualizing the .NET Framework 4 changes between Beta 1 and Beta 2
- Brian Keller: 10-4 Downloading and Installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2
- Mike Snow - Uninstall the Silverlight SDK before installing VS 2010 Beta 2
- Rico Mariani - Inside Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Performance and Reliability
- Pat Brennar - Visual Studio 2010 MFC and Windows 7
- Habib Heydarian - Visual Studio 2010 IntelliTrace

Picks of the week:
- Brian's pick - Jason Zander - Step-by-step tutorial on getting started with TFS in VS 2010
- Dan's pick - The "myths" of upgrading to Visual Studio 2008 and 2010, via Greg Duncan



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The Discussion

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    Pick of the Week!  Smiley


    Thanks guys and congrats to you (MS), DevDiv and the Win7 team on this past week. What a week it was...

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    I know, so much to play with this weekend Smiley

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    Nice show guys. One thing: the ultimate offer you guys mentioned seems to only be valid if you buy or renew an MSDN description, not when you buy Visual Studio 2008 like you said. At least, that's the only thing I can find about it. If I'm wrong, I'd love a link. Smiley

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    Cool show guys!

    Big congratulations to Windows 7 and VS2010 Teams for releasing great products. I've been using W7 since the RC version with no major problems, and VS2010 since CTP. The B2 works a lot faster then B1 but has more crushes Wink

    Great to see the C9 Guy in the corner of the video Smiley

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    Hi Bas,


    You're right, an MSDN Subscription is required. MSDN Subscriptions are bundled with Visual Studio (e.g. "Visual Studio 2008 <edition> with MSDN") and this is the way that most customers purchase Visual Studio so that they can get all of the MSDN software and updates to Visual Studio when they ship. Sorry for not making this more clear during the show.



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    Thanks for the explanation Brian. It's too bad, I was looking at getting VS2008/10 at Amazon or something solely for hobbyism purposes (I miss quickwatch), but an MSDN subscription would be overkill for that purpose. Figured I could get away with grabbing the next version extra cheap, but I guess not. Oh well.


    Maybe Dan can pull some strings and have conditional breakpoints, quickwatch and the class designer appear in VS 2010 Express editions, though.. Tongue Out

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    If only I could Smiley


    I think the challenge with adding any additional feature to Express is that there is no end to it, for example, if you add one debugger window, why not add all of them or if you add one designer, someone can make a case for adding all of them, and eventually you go from a 80MB tool to a 400MB tool and it's not exactly "Express" at that point.


    That being said, the Class Designer is the one feature that we did want to add to Express given that for CS 101 courses, visually seeing a class and an object model helps developers who are learning to program.  That being said, one new feature that's been added is support for Entity data modeling, so you can build your classes as entities visually, then generate plain old C# objects.



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    hi guys great show i am a big fan of you


    and congrats for the wonderful week well win7 vs2010 beta 2 and so microsoft party


    anyhow i got question since you speak abt windows media center


    well you can answer me here as a reply or you can also mention my question in the next episode and answer it there (well in my opinion as hurry as i am waiting for you to answer me sooner as  gald  i will  be  if you mention my question next episode  so that i can contribute with you guys and be part of the show  ..... well to be honest if it is up to me i want you to do both )

    anyway here is the question


    i want to ask you something abt windows media center

    does it run automatically without any setup ( i mean just blug the cable and the  program will recognize it )

    and if so, can you watch from it without need a reciever
    and by reciever i mean this
    cause i dont know how can you run your tv cable there in US is it through the reciever or directly to the tv

    cause i am from egypt and may be you have different setting from us
    well i hope that with windows media center there is no need for a reciever
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    Hi Athman,


    Great questions. Check out this post and this one. The second link addresses your exact question - what can Media Center do for me if I don't have a tuner card? Lots! Have fun, and I hope that helps. Thanks for watching the show!



  • User profile image

    hi brian

    thats the point

    i ask the question based on those two subjects

    abt the the problem is am not in  usa so as it is only for us people

    i have an s-video on my laptop so can it be  instead of the tv-tuner  or anything like that

    thanks for the reply

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    The release date (march 22) also includes TFS or is just VS?.



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