TWC9: Windows Live Essentials, CodeRush vs Resharper, Silverlight Unit Testing

Play TWC9: Windows Live Essentials, CodeRush vs Resharper, Silverlight Unit Testing

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    Get this error when you try to go to the Jesse Liberty link.


    Jesse Liberty - Code Rush versus ReSharper


    You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server.

    Apache/2.0.54 Server at Port 80

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    Bizarre, it works for me, can you try again?

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    I get the same error as @hype8912. Removing the trailing slash from the URL and pressing enter loads the page:  <---



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    Hello Brian's avatar!


    I wondering if Clint has seen the Puppet Warp feature in Photoshop CS5? Smiley

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    I'm also wondering about the developper story for Windows Live Sync, as Dan said it's easy to find some settings you want to get synced:

    # Windows Settings (Transparency , Theme, Backgrounds , Sounds, Taskbar Item, ...)
    # Windows Live Mail settings (read / unread feeds ...)
    # Windows Live Writer Settings
    # Visual Studio Settings
    # My FTP program and HTML editor settings

    So basicly, all settings Smiley

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    I came across a blog this week that mentioned there was no PDC this year.  Is this true?  If so, is there another big conference planned around the same time?

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    The LIVE Photo Gallery importer has always been like that and it's the best one I've ever used.


    It's the photo viewer built into Vista that has the dumb importer that just lumps everything into one folder.

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    Re: Sync'd App Settings, I would love that...sort of a consumer version of a roaming profile.  Just a guess, but I imagine that Windows Live Sync uses a configuration file that maps to registry and file based resources.  To keep things simple, I think your app paths will have to match from PC to PC.

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    I wonder why Live Sync couldn't use your SkyDrive for storage and than you could have a lot more...


    [Edit: Just checked, according to the website, Sync uses SkyDrive. That's even weirder to me. Why only use 2GB when you have 25 avaiable anyway?]


    I use CodeRush with Refactor Pro! in everyday development. Why? Because it's much lighter that R# and handles big projects a lot better and has all the features I really need Smiley

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    Maybe something on C9's todo...but it would be great to hear from Windows Live team, not only to talk about the upcoming beta/release but also learn about some of the decisions they had to be made.  A few questions I would have...


    1. Live Essentials Beta is coming but are the Windows Live services being released in final bit form?  If so, how did they did they achieve that?  challenges?

    2. What are the differences between SkyDrive and SkyDrive (Wave 4)?  I'll assume they had to make some major changes to the core to support Office Web Apps.

    3. What was the thought in separating Sync folders from the rest of SkyDrive?


    ...I could go on for hours.

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    I'm having problems getting the latest episode from the iTunes RSS feed. Anyone else?

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    Are these videos streamed with IIS smooth streaming, because on my mac it doesn't seem like it.

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    Where can I buy a PDC laptop?

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    Live Mesh/Live Sync

    1 - What is up with a 2GB limit???  Last I check there was 700+ connect requests for more space on Live Mesh.  Where's the pay for more space model at minimum?  I'm sorry but this just seems insane to me.  Help me understand what I missing please.


    2 - I definitely agree about increasing the number of settings that get synced.  I guess I think of it like a roaming profile stored in the cloud.



    Do you guys watch Colbert?  Last week his bleeps were replaced with "Bing" in some type of an advertising campaign... you should have followed suit.

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    Btw the intro music volume was super loud in this video.  I would say the volume was 5x louder than your voices.  Or at least that is how it sounded my tv.

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    They were given away free at PDC 2009. You could try ebay.

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