TWC9: Windows Phone 7 Dev Tools Refresh, Messenger Wave 4 Preview

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    the first one to say welcome back Brian


    will return back after watching it


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    Pick of the week... Score!  Smiley


    Thanks guys...

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    About the punctuation.. why is/was the .NET logo in lowercaps?


    .NET logo

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    artistic license (a euphemism for a mistake)



    They corrected it in the new logo


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    Good to have you back Brian. BTW, nice chest hair.


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    I don't like upper-case .NET because it looks like it's an acronym and yet I've not seen the acronym of .NET anywhere, ever. It also looks nicer as Microsoft.Net. Then there is of course ASP.NET which is nicer because it looks like one big acronym but it's asymmetric if .NET is not an acronym. Bah...

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    I know he can get the job, but can he do the job?

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    @All, thanks for all the greetings! It's good to be back. I completely forgot to mention that I met Bas while I was in The Netherlands - nice! Always fun to run into Niners in person. Thanks for introducing yourself, Bas.


    @Vesuvius - hehe I think you're right re: the mistake / artistic license. We certainly didn't help ourselves with that one, huh? The way the .NET guidelines used to read it always called that out as an exception. Now in 2010 / .NET Framework 4 at least we're consistent.


    @Josh - ha! Ok you're making me self-conscious now, I think I'll wear a parka next week. Wink


    @Brian - lol!



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    And for the record, I said the same thing to Brian before we taped Smiley

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