TWC9: Windows Phone 7 Series, Hanselcart, MS Deploy

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This week on Channel 9, Brian, Clark Sell, and a surprise guest discuss the week's top developer news, including:



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The Discussion

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    Scott Hanselcart, you're awesome!  I need to setup a telepresence proxy.  Does anyone know where I can get a mannequin with webcam eyes and speaker in the mouth?  I would also like it to be able to wave at people on command. If possible, I would like it to look like president Lincoln, from the house of presidents in Disney World.


    I'm glad to see that I am not crazy and that Intellisense was crashing on me.

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    Thanks again for the shout-outs (this week's and the last couple week's... ).


    I really appreciate it... Smiley

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    Never knew about MSDeploy, gonna have to try that next week when we roll out some stuff. Do you guys have a link to that C9 video?

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    Since this a collage of thoughts video, I thought to stick with the same type of style... This is my First Post - so here it goes...

    -On Batman and Robin classic! I hope you like and can relate... Sometimes I feel like us engineers can take on the same nature... Just think if Derek and Rodney were developers in this video... Leave it to them and us devs to save the day!

    -Mobile Phone Platform means different things to different people... when does your mobile become something more? Has it already?

    -Go Scott Go!!! You are pioneering 'Surrogates' possibilities... ESP? => next generation HAL => Hanselman's Automated Lawnchair (hope you got the fancy umbrella drink(off-camera) in your kit too before you ply the highways and by-ways on campus...) Great work applying that Robotics framework too (or not Wink )...

    - I am for anything that makes development and testing easier from coding, building, packaging (where's the spiffy bow?) and deployment (but what about Testing? and x64 environments? and SharePoint?)

    Let's hope agile helps get all bugs after release too...

    (Homer moment) Mmm Free Beer...

    -The imagery thing is wild ! - Are we in the next Renaissance or what!?

    Well hope you continue to be well in all facets of life.


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    awesome show!

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    That was a great show. Dan might have to worry because maybe you've proven that he CAN be replaced Smiley


    I loved Blaise's TED talk.

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    Ouch, that burns! Wink

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