This Week C9: IE8 most secure, Unix turns 40, SQL DBA eBook

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This week Brian Keller and Amanda Silver review the week's top developer stories including:


-          IE8 most secure browser according to NSS labs

-          Unix turns 40 (here and here)

-          Riviera: Windows Azure reference application

-          Azure Platform Training Kit

-          Complete and searchable list of Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

-          STM.NET – Who. What. Why.

-          PDC Classics: 2001

-          Free SQL Server DBA eBook

-          Introduction to the SQL Server 2008 Profiler by Pinal Dave

-          IT scripts galore at the TechNet Script Center

-          Physics Helper 3 adds WPF support!

-          Sketchflow Viewer for DotNetNuke

-          SWF to Silverlight converter



Amanda’s pick of the week:

Brian’s pick-of-the-week: The Lessons of Microsoft Bob



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The Discussion

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    As always thanks for the shout-outs. Smiley


    Looks good that I'll be at PDC09... You'll have to let me buy you lunch.  Wink

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    UNIX turns 40 and Debian turns 16 Smiley

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    I hope everyone votes for this feature:



    Managed code in Office is well overdue!

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    If MS designed their products UI's in PowerPoint and Paint that explains why many windows, boxes etc. are so unlogical Wink

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    Streaming on channel9 is still so poor that this is buffering every minute or so. Keep hearing from Scott Gu how awesome Silverlight streaming is, yet Channel9 could not be any worse an advert for it. Never get any buffering problems on any site that uses Flash player.

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    Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie won the award in 1998.  Bill Gates won it in 1992!

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    @ rhm "Streaming on channel9 is still so poor that this is buffering every minute or so"


    I typically don't have any issues and non with this video.  There can be many factors including your local connection that can be the issue.   My guess is even if this flash, you would have the same issue at the same time.  SL progressive download and/or smooth streaming is nice as long as the connection supports the bit rate.  If your bit rate falls below the min bit rate, you will have issues with any kind of stream.  If you can point to a specific issue with SL, please let them know.

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    That took me down memory lane.  I was a unix sys-admin for many years.  If someone asked me today what I did, I would say a lot of ps, cd, ls, and grep.  Thinking about it now, I felt very busy, but not sure it was productive. 

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    I don't understand all the hullabaloo about a security report created for and payed by Microsoft, for a Microsoft product.  I'd take more stock in a Moody's rating for a collateralized debt obligation.  That's so 2008.


    EDIT: See the gold standard of cesspools, The Coffee House.

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    I find IE8 to be safer than Firefox.  A Banking phishing site which was blocked by IE8 was allowed in Firefox and a common user will surely be fooled by this phishing site. Check details:


    btw I think many Open Source Programs are also sponsored by Microsoft.

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    I think it would have been more effective if Brian had thrown up after saying it. Smiley


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    Unbelievable! That's the most awesome reference ever.  Good show, old boy!  If anyone were to ask you if you know aikido, you can now say yes. 

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    Just so we get this straight; it is my personal opinion that Firefox is a big hot steaming pile of mess.  With that said, to the best of my knowledge, and I know that's one heck of a qualifier, I have not had any problems with phishing.  I have had issues with Rick-rolls and embarrassing spelling or grammar mistakes.  If MSFT would include the Word spelling and grammar checking mechanisms into IE, I would bend over backwards to kiss the butt of the PM.  If they also included a rick-rolling blocker, I would join Minh for the polar bear plunge.

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    Dont think just of yourself, there are many common people who I'm sure will not be able to make out such phishing sites. Take the real life example given earlier of the Banking phishing site and try for yourself. Firefox just allows it and IE8 blocks that phishing site with a big warning. So its for those people who may not be knowing what's phishing and they just use computers and do Online trasactions for making their lives easier. And those phishing sites target such people. A tech savvy person like you will surely catch a phishing site but not a commoner. So from that point, IE8 is much safer than FF.

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    Not thinking about myself, I would tell my grandmother to check for existence of the SSL lock icon, on the address bar, to verify that she was accessing the website in a secure manner.  It's not a sexy feature, however it is web-browsing 101.  Also SSL verification presents itself to the user in almost the same fashion in most browsers created in the last few years.  The feeble need things to be consistent, in order to deal with their environment, and make good decisions based upon past experience.


    Going back to the root issue, credential management. The best answer, that I have seen, to deal with this is something like OpenID. OpenID is basically dead now, except that no one has told the committee. It is just one of many initiatives that failed to grow fast enough to become pandemic.  The phishing filter was just one of many ideas that will eventually fail in its goal of securing identity authentication.  At best, it will prevent a few phishing expeditions and lead promising projects, like OpenID, into the valley of darkness, by robbing it of mindshare.

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