This Week C9: Microhoo, ATL Security, VS 2010 Cut List

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This week on C9, Dan and Brian review the week's top developer stories including:

Microsoft & Yahoo Search partnership - What does it mean for developers?
-  What happens SearchMonkey/BOSS? Answer is TBD
- Expression Studio RTMs, available to MSDN Subscribers now
- Charles Torre - Active Template Library (ATL) Security Update
- How and which versions of Visual Studio are affected
- Michael Howard - The offending code and why automated tools didn't catch it
- Charles Petzold - Animated "3D" text in Silverlight
- New Xbox Live Creators Club features
- Hanu Kommalapati - Silverlight version compatibility when a Web page hosts both SL2 and SL3 XAP files
- Habib Heydarian - Visual Studio 2010 Cut List includes: Application Verifier, Object Test Bench, C++ IntelliSense for managed code, SQL 2000 Debugging
- Tina Wood - History of Microsoft Finale - 1999
- CodePlex releases it's Wiki Engine source code - WikiPlex (details), via Sara Ford
- Scott Mitchell - Multi-Part Series on using the Microsoft Chart Control
- Making Silverlight 3 more digestible by Blend, via Alvin Ashcraft
- Experimental .NET 4.0 with Transactional Memory, via Soma's blog

Picks of the week:
- Dan's pick: Brian Peek and Arian Kulp - MEF Utility Runner
- Brian's pick: Preston Gralla - Follow up on Microsoft contribution to Linux – Linus Torvalds says “Microsoft hatred is a disease”



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The Discussion

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    Can't watch this right now because the streaming is still impossibly slow and there's no hi-res download format that works on Macs, but as I commented on the blog, cutting intellisense for C++/CLI pretty-much sucks. Great way to tell it's users that Microsoft doesn't care about that C++/CLI very much. 

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    I wonder why the C++/CLI intellisense got cut. Any more insides?

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    There's a link with details on how they wanted to rebuild the IntelliSense engine here -


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    Well What happened to the "10 IS THE NEW 6" stuff.. ??? not enough resource to implement intellisense support in time for C++/CLI ... ??? I am amazed .. because it is microsoft.... and they are saying.. they dont have time and resource to pull that off...  they didn't see it coming ??? Our company was planning on C++/CLI and now, we are not even going to upgrade to VS 2010. By the way VS 2010 was started with the hype that it is going to be a major release for C++ related technologies... I was really looking forward to that...

    Please write this in bold letters on the VS 2010 purchase website.... a few people might save some of their precious $$$$

    I am not sure who is managing the C++ related in business in microsoft.. but I can tell you something .. they should have fire him/her long ago

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    so instead of a rebuilt improved intellisense, c++/cli devs get no intellisense at all? thats a kick in the nads.. Smiley im not a c++ guy so this doesnt affect me at all but if a was, woudnt vs2010 be a step down? vs2008 has some c++/cli intellisense, no?

    oh well.. dan and brian are only the messengers, we shoudnt shoot them Smiley still, sucks if youre a c++/cli guy..

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    I wasn't shooting dan or brian... 

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    Congrats on the Baby Dan, all the best!

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    i know, i just meant in general Smiley

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