This Week C9: NFL goes Silverlight, VS 2010 features, new freebies

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This week on Channel 9, Brian and Dan cover the top developer news including:

- NFL debuts Silverlight streaming of football games
- CodePlex adds Editor role, Work Item Notifications and recommended downloads
- Soma - Doloto, a tool to decrease the initial download size of AJAX applications (46% average savings for popular sites) 
Expression Web SuperPreview for Internet Explorer (Firefox requires full Expression Web)
- David Hayden - xUnit 1.5 released - 64-bit, MVC 1, MVC 2 Preview 1
- Larry Larsen - Build your own 3D video for $350
- Brian Keller - Zoom-in/Zoom-out with Visual Studio Editor
- 10-4 Show - Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) Preview 7, MEF now includes Silverlight support (CodePlex)
- Scott Guthrie - ASP.NET, HTML, and JavaScript snippets in Visual Studio 2010
- Free Visual Studio Extensibility Summit
- Martin Woodward *EDIT the cost was incorrectly discussed as free, the real cost is $10/user/month*,  Hosted TFS for $10/user/month if you're in BizSpark
- DZone ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Ref Card
- Coding4Fun - Giovanni Montrone (aka Brian Peek's friend) - Silverlight 3 File Transfer Application

Picks of the week:
 - Brian's pick: Telerik release free TFS Work Item Manager & Project Dashboard, via Joel Semeniuk
 - Dan's pick: Dust: An Elysian Tail wins the Dream.Build.Play XNA Competition, watch the trailer for the winning game or trailers for other entries 



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