TWC9: VB for Windows Phone 7, ASP.NET Vulnerability, WCF Services, String Formatting Cheat Sheet

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This week on Channel 9, Dan is joined by Clint Rutkas to discuss the week's top developer news, including:

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The Discussion

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    The new "(Watch)" feature is great Wink

    Also nice show (as ever Wink )

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    Thanks Smiley

    There is actually a bug in the jump links where it ignores the seconds and jumps straight to the minute only after you've clicked multiple times on a link on the page, so Duncan is investigating that Smiley

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    Thanks as always for the shout-out...

    And bug or not, I agree the "watch" feature is very cool

    Also I dig how I was watching the show, then wanted to sign in to comment, and after the page refresh the show resumed where I left off. It's the nice touches like that (and the auto-expanding comment textbox, etc) make this Channel 9 release so cool. Kudo's to the team...

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    FYI, video player jumps to the right place now!

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    great work with the (Watch) feature

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    IronRuby, IronPython and a ressurected Managed JScript (all DLR languages) would be awesome options to use for Windows Phone 7 development. Way better than VB, although both VB and C# are also required choices. It does seem the DLR is being neglected a little bit these days.

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    @CRPietschmann: why is it a better choice than VB?  VB has a massive user base.

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