This Week C9: Speech Recognition, Army of 1, TweetCraft and more

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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the week's top developer news, including:

 - Joel Bennett - Control your PC with your voice and PowerShell, via Alvin Ashcraft
- Frank La Vigne - Speech Recognition in WPF
- Dan Waters - Great 4-part series on Audio Programming
- Andrew Woodward - Doing Agile in a Team of One
- Leah Budley - UX Team of One, via Frank La Vigne
- Aaron Marten - Visual Studio 2010 User Interface Guidelines
- Corey Schuman - YouTube video in Silverlight 3, via Alvin Ashcraft
- Tina Wood - The History of Microsoft 1995
- Jaime Rodriguez - Best questions/answers in the WPF Discussions email alias
- MySpace Releases MSFast, a browser plugin for measuring CPU, memory, screenshost, HTML rendering, and more (download)
- Registering Preview Pane types using PreviewConfig, via Greg Duncan
- Alois Kraus - The differences between Logging and Tracing

Picks of the week
Brian's pick of the week: Habib Heydarian - Debugging a Unit Test Failure with the Historical Debugger
Dan's pick of the week: TweetCraft an in-game World of Warcraft Twitter client, including a gratuitous video trailer

PS - Happy fourth of July to our American viewers



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The Discussion

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    Dan totally rinsed Brian with that Windows 95 line Smiley

  • User profile image

    great episode Smiley im so going to adopt that deviner title Tongue Out

    i totally bump the natal discussion! api info, driver info, any info.. i soooo want to program against this thing Smiley the interfaces you could create with natal hand recognition (including individual fingers, confirmed in various natal interviews) are just mind blowing.. just something like a 3d modelling/viewing app where you can rotate the view with your hand...

    the kramer quote was exelent as well Wink

  • User profile image

    You didn't know he was a loser?   The Florida Gators shirt should've tipped you off a lot sooner!   Geaux Tigers.


  • User profile image

    Ha! Honestly I do root for the Tigers any time they aren't playing my Gators. And our own VP, S. Somasegar, is a Tiger. As is my buddy Chris Treadaway.


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    logging is not tracing... ever...

    Logging is monitoring events  that occur and write them into a protocol file also called a log file.
    Tracing is looking at the protocol in the log file and THEN figuring out a chain of related events that lead to a significant event. Significant because you looked for it and it's cause in the first place, not it having to be a bad thing.

    That TweetCraft plug at the end was so unnecessary. Smiley

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    Agree, it's important to call out the distinction between logging and tracing given how many people use them interchangeably, although even Brian caught himself calling the output of a trace file a Trace log, which is correct but probably confusing Smiley

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    Yep it's all in fun.   Good to see the Gator's shirt on Channel 9.  

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    El Pibe

    Very nice episode. However, Dan's comment about windows 95 was really messed up.

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