This Week C9: VS 2010, Must-Have Developer Utilities, Upgrade your home

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This week on Channel 9, Dan (back from paternity leave) and Brian (back from Brazil) discuss the week's top developer news including:
- Scott Guthrie - Visual Studio 2010 Multi-Monitor support
- Phil Haack - 7 Stages of new language keyword grief, Dan adds that Step 0 is the developer Rorschach test where they see a keyword and say that it already existed in some previous language/tool they used (Fortran, Delphi, RoR, etc)
- Jeffrey Snover - Use PowerShell to find and use the right WMI Object
- Coding4Fun - GPS Tools for .NET Developers
- Ben Anderson - Popfly Game Engine source code on CodePlex
- Scott Hanselman - 2009 Ultimate Developer & Power Tools List
- Daniel Crenna - Visual Studio Add-in on CodePlex - Markup Tamer, via Greg Duncan
- Christian Kleinerman: SQL Server "Project Madison" -  high scale massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse
- Larry Larsen - Windows Home Server Power Pack 3
- Rudi Grobler - Windows 7 Sensor Platform Basics - Adjust WPF theme based on ambient light
- Windows 7 User Experience Interaction Guidelines
- Soma - VS 2010 tools to generate a dependency graph and a sequence diagram

Picks of the week
- Brian's pick: Clemens Enrich figures out how to Connect VS 2010 Use Case Diagram with SketchFlow
- Dan's pick: If you're a geek, upgrade your home network to Gigabit networking for $30 USD. I'd also suggest at least CAT 5e cable.



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The Discussion

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    Developer Rorschach, haha, excellent!


    Windows 7 sensors.  I'm just waiting for the smorgasbord of USB and wireless sensor gadgets to inundate us. Smiley

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    Scott Hanselman list looks pretty cool. Here are the links for the other two programs mentioned in the show:

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    welcome back dan! good to hear poopage is progressing as planned Smiley

    (welcome back brian too, but you havent been gone as long Wink )


    sensor platform is awsome, too bad there arent that many devices out there yet though.. do you know if there is a way to write a managed wrapper of a sensor and have sensor platfrom use that? if not, do you know of any good tutorials on how to write a sensor driver from scratch? file > new to driver visible in win7 i mean..

    in anycase, there needs to be a wiimote driver for sensor platform Smiley



    family guy ftw

    (warning, childish, hilarious)


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    Many people don't get Dynamic, and what they don't get, they don't want. Some not only don't get it, they see it as a way to circumvent the type system and so hate it. As Anders says - if you don't have the types in the first place, why should you have to have ugly syntax just because the compiler doesn't have the types.


    Many others (at least used to) think that C# is just Java rehashed (I still hear this today from some people), in a way it was, but any new language is a rehash of something else. But they're not the same. They have very different generics, different ways of dealing with primitive types vs reference types. Java generics is compiled with type-erasure. Etc., etc., etc. That these differences are constantly glazed over is just annoying.


    Now, with LINQ, Lambda expressions, Dynamic, etc., we're getting much more detached. And indeed we see Java copying C# & co. Mutually recursive development, the way it should be (don't really like the word "innovation").

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    Great show guys! Good to se you both back (although the crew filling in for you was awesome Wink ).

    As for Synergy goes it’s a great piece of software. I’ve been using it for couple of years now. Unfortunately it’s has been out of development for some time now Sad I also have one issue with it. When I’m using it at home with my PC (which has XP SP3) and my Laptop (which has Windows 7) I have to turn of UAC on my laptop, otherwise it won’t work Sad

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    Dr Herbie

    Brian: what's with the hat?  Sunburnt head?  Ill advised holiday haircut?


    Thanks for the inSSIDer tip -- I am now interference free!




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    Still can't download any of the WMV's...


    Anyway, welcome back Dan!

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    Thanks for including the links, I forgot to include them!


    Edit - Here's the projects that inSSIDer is built on

    Wifi Scanner -

    Managed Wifi library -


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    I'm emailing Yochay Kiriaty, our Windows 7 guru to see if there's a definitive list of sensors that work on Windows 7 and the recommended tutorials for writing one. As for a Wiimote driver, I know Brian Peek is looking at that Smiley

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    Just heard back from Yochay, there is no list of sensors that work on Windows 7, but they'll be a lot more by Win 7 RTM. As for a recommended tutorial, he sent this -

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    awsome i'll check that out, thanks Smiley

    good to hear about brian and the wiimote too, if anyone can do it, he can Smiley


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    Great job on compiling the webcast, guys! Can't wait to see Visual Studio 2010 with multi-monitor support.

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    Nope, nothing like that - but one of my friends in Brazil gave me the hat and I just decided to wear it to work that day. Smiley

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    Chris Richner

    Good to have you back guys ,)

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    hi plz any one can send me window 2008 sever link i wan to check the senser ...

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    Sensor support is currently in Windows 7, not Windows Server 2008. I'm not sure if they plan on bringing this support to Windows Server or not...



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    Update! The name of the Brazilian who was singing the TWC9 theme song before my TechEd session was Alfred Meyrs, a C# MVP. Thanks to my friend Rodolfo Roim for pointing that out. It was one of the best ways to get ready for a presentation - Alfred, thanks for making my day. Smiley


    Brian Keller

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    Nice show, however...

    ...if you're going to recommend some tool to your viewers, don't you think you should test it before you do? Embarassed

    I've tried this Markup Tamer in VS2008 and it greates errors in my code in the first file I applied it on. Perplexed


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