This Week C9 at TechEd 2009 with Jeff Hadfield and Greg Duncan

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This week on Channel 9 at TechEd 2009, Brian is joined by Jeff Hadfield andGreg Duncan to discuss this week's developer news, including:

- Keith Elder - Load XSD Schemas automatically in Visual Studio by editing the Catalog.xml file, via Alvin Ashcraft
SQL Server 2008 Developer Training Kit - includes demos, presentations and hands on labs on T-SQL, Filestream, Date & Time types, spatial data, and Reporting Services
- Code Project - Michael Ceranski's article on Recreating Frogger in Silverlight
- Philipp Sumi - WPF Notify Icon for the system tray
- ADO.NET Team Blog - Entity Framework 4.0 to support persistence ignorance and Plain-Old-CLR-Objects (POCO) and lots of other enhancements
- Silverlight blog - Project StarlightAdds Multicast capabilities to Silverlight using Windows Media Services
- Luca Bolognese - C# and VB.NET Co-Evolution
- Ars Technica - Emil Protalinski - Office 2010 Technical Preview coming this summer
Windows 7 to be released by holiday season
- John Robbins: PDB Files - What every developer must know
- Karsten Januszweski - Archivist - A Twitter Data-Mining app
- Michael James - Scrum Master Checklist, via Greg Duncan
Full list of games and Web sites that use up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A for secret features, via Clint Rutkas 

Picks of the week
Brian's pick of the week: Jason Zander - New Names for Test and Lab Tools - Visual Studio Team Test 2010, Team Test 2010 Essentials and Lab Management 2010
Greg's pick of the week: TFS Branching Guide 2.0
Jeff's pick of the week: Code Project Addin for Visual Studio 2008 to search CodeProject articles directly from Visual Studio



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The Discussion

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    Brian and Dan (and team) thanks again for the opportunity to guest host... It was a blast!

    Thanks again,

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    I'm a fan of both “Code Project” and “Greg's Cool [Insert Clever Name] of the Day”, so I really loved this episode.

    P.S.: Greg, coding in VB is nothing to be ashamed of. Wink

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    what areu talking abt TommyCarlier

    of corse nothing to be ashamed


    it is a language as any langauge


    i am waiting from microsoft to put a new rule that any session in any conference without alternative vb code in its demos or presentaion have to pay penalty for that to return our right we vb programmer


    all sessions (excpet those who are talking abt vb) give demos in C# as if there is no 10 version of vbhasnt been releases since last 20 month not like them only recent 7or 8 years maybe


    any way this was my hallucination during the rest of studying for the final exams so dont bother ur self abt that of u dont like it

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