This Week: Joe Nalewabau, Red Nose Day, Windows 7 .NET wrappers, free MVC chapter

Play This Week: Joe Nalewabau, Red Nose Day, Windows 7 .NET wrappers, free MVC chapter

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    Kevin Daly
    Of course the Windows 7 .NET wrappers (which wouldn't be needed if the Windows team had a bit of respect for .NET) would be even cooler if the links on the linked pages actually worked (every one I've tried so far every link on the page has failed as invalid because it's prepended with "url:". Maybe it's a local mirror thing, since nobody else seems to have experienced this).
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    Hey Kevin, Thanks for the heads up, I've forwarded your comment to Yochay Kiriaty to fix these links Smiley
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    Dan, I found out one of your mannerisms: you start almost every new item with the words “And speaking of ...”, as a kind of transition from the previous to the next item. Even when the previous item has nothing in common with the next Big Smile

    Keep up the good work.

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    We do try and make the stories flow from one to the other where possible (group Win 7 stories, gaming stories, etc) which probably explains the reason. Then again I totally see the similarity between diarrhea and the iPod Shuffle Wink 
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    Are you sad?  You didn't seem quite as enthusiastic about today as your normally do.  You seemed down or upset about something.  None of my business, but I'd send that "free hugs" guy to you if I could.

    Also, in response to those Windows 7 APIs, I think it's rather disappointing that this stuff doesn't make it into the .NET Framework by default.  Microsoft pushes the .NET technologies at every conference like koodaide, and it's very yummy, but when it comes to interoperating with the OS, we are forced to wait unitl someone writes a wrapper?  Does that make sense to you?  "Here is our new OS, but you can't do anything with it until we wrap it up for you, but if you know C++, enjoy"

    Why isn't there paraody between teams to ensure that on launch day, everything you can do in C++ with Windows you can also do in .NET?  Is it really that hard to do?  Do you guys not trust .NET or you feel that C++ is superior, that is the impression I get.  I don't understand why the Vista Bridge is a separate project and not part of the Framework.  It feels half baked and a little neglectful to me that in order to include something like a Task Dialog or a Command Link I have to do COM interop.  It would seem more natural to me that a button would have a style property, you set it to "CommandLink" and tada you get extra functionaity and it shows in the designer.  I find it weird that things like the Scenic Ribbon aren't in the .NET Framwork but are in MFC (a UI technolgy that is almost twenty years old).  I know I can buy it from a third party, but I know I wouldn't buy a tab control from one, so why would I buy the Scenic Ribbon?

    Please forgive my ignorance, I'm not a Microsoft employee and I have no idea how hard some of this stuff is to include, but I hope my point was well recieved.   I just feel like if your Joe-WinForms or Joe-WPF and want to write a database app your in good standing, but if you want to make it look good, or use things like search and organize you SOL or you need a Ph.D. in COM Interop.  Maybe I need a hug Smiley

    Lastly,  the race car thing is the coolest thing ever, and I'm so happy it wasn't on an iPhone.  I wonder, will windows mobile ever get as good as the iPhone or BlackBerry?  It seems that Microsoft is wading the water before they jump in.

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    ++ this has always confused me also...

    Nice show, enjoyed social banter... im with Joe Smiley

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    Thanks for the RND Mention. BTW They managed to raise £57,809,938 on the night. Not bad for a country in recession!

    BTW Brian, Jennifer Aniston did a short video for comic relief, no sign of Angelina Jolie Wink
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    Dan was sad because he was missing his sidekick, obviously.  Smiley
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    Sorry for not responding sooner, things have been really busy lately

    - As for the "hug" thanks, if I seemed "sad" it's really just me completely exhausted with a ton of work I had to do for MIX09 Smiley

    - For Windows 7, I agree with you in terms of compatibility and wanting wrappers built-in. I'm sure someone on the Windows team can give you a better answer than I can, but two reasons I have heard are performance and control. If you need as much performance and control as possible, then C++ is the right choice. Even the .NET Framework under the covers uses many of these APIs and exposes a clean, simple wrapper to use. I do wish that there were more APIs included in the .NET Framework or that things like the Vista Bridge (a set of managed wrappers) just shipped in Windows, and I hope more developers start asking for that using Connect in either the Windows or .NET Framework feature request areas.

    -  One quick note is that the WPF team is looking to implement the scenic ribbon, but I checked and I couldn't find a public date for that.

    - As for Windows Mobile, I think that team will have to earn back the love and respect of both consumers and developers given the very strong competitive space (iPhone and Blackberry). They have their work cut out for them, that's for sure

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    Jeff Paries
    Just want to clarify that I am the original creator of the wall gallery application you were showing in the video - I think you incorrectly credited Zhiming Xue, to whom I gave permission to update my application, as the original author. I have a Silverlight 3 version almost ready to go as well, which leverages features I have been waiting on for a rewrite - element to element data binding, bitmap effects, and perspective.

    Jeff Paries
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    Hey Jeff,

    Sorry for that and thanks for posting/correcting this!

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