This Week: Martin Woodward, MVP Summit, Web Perf, Show Off, and a VSTS Pep Talk

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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian are joined by MVP Martin Woodward to discuss this week's news, including:

- Martin talks about the MVP Summit and how hewon the Team System MVP of the year. The prize, a pimp belt
- Phil Haack: ASP.NET MVC RC 2
- Tutorial: How to enable Gzip compression on IIS 6.0 to get ~70% smaller file size
- Viktar Karpach - Getting an "A" Grade with ASP.NET using YSlow and Firebug
- Erik Meijer and Charles Torre interview Anders Hejlsberg on the future of C#
- Michael Kennedy - A custom Twitter watcher for .NET developers
- Jamie and Long start the Channel 9 Task Force for bugs and suggestions
- 1 week left for Show Off Contest
- Vincent Rithner - Sobees, A free WPF Social Desktop Aggregator, Beta now available
- Rob Relyea - XAML State of the Union
Caliburn Application Framework for WPF and Silverlight(via Alvin Ashcraft)
- Tess Ferrandez - 5-part series on building a Silverlight Game
Live FrameIt SDK - Picasa and Photobucket integration
- Martin's pick of the week: Send a VSTS Pep Talk to your teammates
- Brian's pick of the week: Scott Hanselman's analysis of Quake Live, it isn't a Web game
- Dan's pick of the week: Brian Peek's tip on how to force a 64-bit exe that uses a 32-bit dependencies to load the 32-bit CLR.



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