This Week on C9 1 year anniversary - cake, champagne, and Scott Hanselman

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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian celebrate their 1-year anniversary with special guest, Scott Hanselman.

- Scott talks about being in town for TechReady, an internal Microsoft training event for the field
- Sarah Perez on Windows 7: How to make your own Windows theme pack
Windows 7's secret Shift Right Click Send to command, via Sarah Perez
- BITS PowerShell Cmdlets for easy background downloading, via Greg Duncan
- Mike Taulty: WPF Photo Sharing with Live Fx
- WPF Toolkit Released, via Greg Duncan
- Tim Heuer's list of Silverlight controls, via Jason Haley
Live FrameIt Beta for custom photos to digital picture frames
- Adam Kinney interviews Kaxaml creator
- Could building a RAM disk speed up VS I/O? via Alvin Ashcraft
Trossen Robotics Contest Winners including a cool animatronic head
- Raptors attack Indiana
- Brian's pick of the week: TFS Project Template
- Dan's pick of the week: Objectified Film Screening at Mix
- Scott's pick of the week: T4 Templates with ASP.NET MVC



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The Discussion

  • User profile image
    Ion Todirel
    congrats, wow didn't realized so much time passed away
  • User profile image
    Thanks Smiley Time flies when you're having fun!
  • User profile image
    One year already. Wohohohooooo... Time really flies! How was the Asti and the cake?
  • User profile image
    Congrats guys! Thanks for the great shows this year (and the shout-outs)... I'm looking forward to to this year's as I'm sure it's going to be an "interesting" year... Wink

  • User profile image
    Eric N
    Congrats Channel 9! Thanks for all the great shows.
  • User profile image
    Wow. One year?!?! Amazing. Keep on keeping on gentleman.
  • User profile image
    Enes TAYLAN
    That's amazing how the time is flying.
  • User profile image
    Woohoo, one year! I think TWOC9 is a really great addition, I'd have missed out on so much stuff if I didn't have this weekly rundown. Congratulations guys.

    That alien monkey-man robot is absolutely terrifying. He posted some youtube videos, but just the preview images alone are horrific. Tweezers in eyeballs, scalps pulled back to reveal gruesome servos and controllers embedded, metal wire wrapped around exposed fangs.. gruesome.

    Always good to see Scott on the show, by the way. Is there any chance Hanselminutes on 9 will be resurrected? I mean, I know Rory isn't there anymore, but...
  • User profile image

    Congrats all, I really enjoy TWOC9!

    Now where do I send my postcard to get cake? Smiley

  • User profile image
    Dr Herbie
    You didn't recognise the dog robot?  Call yourselves geeks?  It's K-9, of course it won!

    Anyway, happy first anniversary. Smiley

  • User profile image

    Good call, NONE of us got that reference and that's exactly what it is. I still think the scary animatronic monkey is cooler than K-9 and was robbed of first place.

  • User profile image
    Congrats !!!! I really like this show.
    Nice to know Scott does not take alcoholic drinks.

    Is the small channel 9 guy models that you used to keep on table over ? I wanted one. Can I send the snail mail to get one?
  • User profile image
    Happy anniversary.

    I think I must have watched every single one when I get into work Monday morning since you started.

    BTW K-9 Rules!

    A piece of British history

    It even had it's own TV Series!

    Admittedly, it didn't last long Wink


    P.s. bring back the out-takes at the end Wink
  • User profile image
    Yes, just mail a postcard to

    Channel 9
    1 Microsoft Way
    Redmond, WA 98053

    and we'll mail you a foam Channel 9 guy Smiley

  • User profile image

    You are my personal hero with your "murse".
  • User profile image

    Great show, it was pure fun and a big congrats on 1year B-day!  

  • User profile image

    I tested the RAM disk idea, and it doesn't help. I used the RAM disk for two weeks and I ram extensive performance tests. I posted the results of my tests on my blog. Conclusion: RAM disk doesn't speed up Visual Studio. I think that because of Visual Studio and Vista caching, there is no really benefit of manually copying files to a RAM disk.

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