This Week on C9: ASP.NET Maps, Apache, Sphere, Warcraft, and more

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This week on Channel 9 Dan and special guest host Nick Hodge (on10) is in studio where they discuss:  

**Update: I accidentally linked the article "Controlling your treadmill with Silverlight to Chris Craft when it should have been Page Brooks. My apologies! (Dan)

- Nick shares his view on Flickr photos and TechReady, an internal event for the Microsoft field (0 - 1:45)
- Microsoft and Facebook partnership adds Live Search to Facebook, Dan hopes that means a Live Search API too (1:45 - 2:41)
Video Clip of Mark Brown with Angus Logan demoing the new CTP of the ASP.NET Virtual Earth server control (2:41 - 5:30)
- We finally have an Angus Logan Fan Club on Facebook to share all of our Angus Logan photos, stories and rumors (5:30 - 6:53)
*** Update: Buttons and Stickers now available courtesy of Scott Lovegrove!
- SharpMap - Free, open source GIS project on Codeplex (6:53 - 7:30)
Sam Ramji discusses Microsoft joining the Apache Software Foundation and the new open source PHP driver for SQL Server 2005 (7:30 - 8:53)
Mojave Experiment videos are now up (8:53 - 10:08)
PDC 2008 August Session Updates and early bird registration ends soon (10:08 - 11:15)
- Microsoft Research: The Robotic Receptionist (11:40 - 13:00 )
- Laura Foy shows off Microsoft Sphere (13 - 14:12)
- Martin Woodward: How to build "Brian the Build Bunny" via Greg Duncan (14:12 - 16:00)
- Page Brooks - How to control your treadmill in Silverlight via Coding4Fun (16:00 - 16:25)
- Nick's Pick of the Week: The F# Programming Language (16:25 - 18:34)
- Dan's Pick of the Week Attila Kisko and Gabor Ratky demoing AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft Beta (download) (18:34 - 21:24)
- Pictures from Brian Keller in Patagonia



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The Discussion

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    "Dan hopes that means a Live Search API too (1:45 - 2:41)" There already is a Live Search API, you can get the details over at including an interactive SDK (
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    I wasn't referrring to the regular Live Search API, what I'd want is the ability to do include deep search into Facebook's platforms in coordination with Facebook's existing API.

    Facebook's API today does not have a way to search Photos (photos.get), Events (events.get), or Groups (groups.get) among others. Instead, you can retrieve information on photos, events, or groups based on a group ID or a specific user ID.  See to for Facebook's interactive SDK.

    The goal here would be to add both generic Search APIs (search all photos, events, groups) in an application so long as the data is public as well as contextual search APIs (search photos, events, groups in the context of a user).

    Ex: Search all photos for comments with the text "lol" or Search my photos for "lol" photos.

    Right now, it looks like the Marketplace ( is the only generic search API call in Facebook's API.

     The other addition would be to have a way to search Facebook's Data Store API - 

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    NOM NOM NOM! Love it.

    I really wish I could go to PDC... Is there still some sort of plan for a send-a-niner-to-PDC contest?
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    LOL! Nice pics, Dan. Photo credit to Ari Bixhorn. Smiley

    BTW - I'm sending this from a satellite link in Torres del Paines national park in Chile. They are about to shut off power to the entire building because they turn off the generator at 11 p.m. It's really cool because you can see every star in the sky when they do that, but it does make it impossible to remain connected to the Interweb.

    I had a hard time viewing more than a few minutes of the show on this connection but from what I saw it looks like Nick filled in nicely for me - nice job, Nick!

    And shutting off generator in 3... 2... 1...

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    Good to hear there is now an ASP.NET VE control. I would also like to see a silverlight control for VE, because i dont want to hit the server everytime I do an operation on the client, which is essential for a RIA. For now, my current choice is limited to javascript. I just wrapped up an eBay + VE mashup at
    This has a lot of client-side interaction for which silverlight would have been perfect. Even though Visual Studio 2008 is very helpful for debugging JavaScript code, i would have preferred C#.
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    Loving all the live platform love on c9 - baby!
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    @VivekJ - the control is ASP.NET control does allow you to build in C# for hte code behind. As for a SL control - there is one coming in the future - watch the VE session - there is a mention and a short demo of the control 
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    Hehe. I hope you are having a great time down in South America Smiley
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    As mentioned in the last C9 weekly video, the laptops seem a distraction when they are on the laps of the people talking.  Yeah I know laptops should be on a lap... but they distract from the rest of the video in my veiw.

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    Hey Jesse,

    The problem is that we use the laptops to navigate the show slides and videos as we can't actually see what we're talking about without them. If we didn't have laptops, I think we'd be looking behind us at the TV all episode which would probably be just as distracting.

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    Awesome, Thanks
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    Loving comments from Angus.  Keep coming back here, man!  Good times.  Smiley
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    If you had screens on your foreheads that showed what you were talking about THEN I'd be distracted.  Wink

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