This Week on C9: Big updates to Live services, Windows 7 + ePC, Time's best of 2008

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The Discussion

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    Wow!!! I hope that both guys recover fast from the accident. Dan's car doesn't look very good. It must have been quite an impact.

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    Get well Dan!
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    Dr Herbie

    Get well, Dan.
    Don't do that again, please. Wink


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    Wow, Dan's car looks really messed up. Hope he and the other guy will be okay.

    I installed Windows XP on a 4G EEE PC last week, and I found that it was a tremendous pain to get it installed if you don't have an external CD-ROM drive. Simply copying the CD contents to a USB key or SD card doesn't work, you need to get it to boot from the flash drive and that's a tremendous pain. In the end I just borrowed a CD-ROM drive from work and got it over with. Looking forward to seeing how you did this.

    The live music was pretty good, by the way. Smiley And where's that video with the mysterious coffeemug?

    This is what the bullet that shoots bullets should look like, by the way: 
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    Man I love these bullets Big Smile you could jump on them and they fall of the screen... time for some mario!
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    Yeah get well Dan.. that car crash looked nasty :/... "err he's ok, he was wearing a seatbelt"... Brian's seatbelt reminders lol Smiley

    I am surprised channel10 hasn't become a hardware review site what with Nic's shameless plugging of the EeeePC notebook Big Smile

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    Now I know why no one responded to my "Go Phillies" thread Smiley

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