This Week on C9: Bing, Changes to .NET FX 4.0, & play Apple IIe games on your Xbox

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This week on Channel 9, Brian and Dan discuss the top developer news including:

- Bing - Microsoft's new search engine, via Ars Technica
- Follow up - Microsoft services like Hotmail and Messenger won't be renamed to "Bing Messenger"
- Behind Bing - has information on the Bing search engine
- Zune HD announced, includes touch screen, wireless, HD radio/video and Web browser
- Pattrick Smacchia - NDepend analysis of the .NET Framework 4.0
- Beth Massi - Video on the build & test process for Visual Studio and the .NET Framework
- BCL Blog - What's new in the Base Class Libraries for .NET Framework 4.0
- Tangible Engineering - Free VS T4 Editor available, auto-generate code from models, database, or XML, via VSX blog
- Jeffrey Richter - Power Live Framework library for programming Live Mesh
- Jaime Rodriguez - List of features in WPF 4 for Beta 1 & Beta 2
- Mark Russinovich - Using Process Monitor to decipher why an application load time increased after code signing

- Brian's pick of the week: Dice-O-Matic - Hardware to roll dice for you and send you the photo
- Dan's pick of the week: Sean Fausett - Virtu, an Apple IIe emulator built using XNA, Silverlight, and WPF. You can even play Apple IIe games on your Xbox 360! 



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The Discussion

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    Wow. file Size for WMV is pretty big. Im donwloading now, and at 100kb/s it will take roughly an hour. Looking forward to watching though....



  • User profile image

    I'd like a smaller download please Tongue Out I have severe problesm with my Internet connection at the moment and am limited to 64k Sad

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    Get the iPod stream, it's only 83Mb, if that's to much just listen to the mp3/wma streams.  If you can't play mp4 go here or here for codecs)

    That dice machine is awsome!



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    Rodney McKay

    Thank you for the 16:9 video format! I like the high bitrate of WMV(high) too, please keep it this way.

    The "Dice-O-Matic" machine is really brilliant! I run a gaming website too ( and i hear the same complaints from players every day - i need this machine!!!!

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    If the WMVs are too big, you may not be able to maintain the wormhole long enough to get them in one shot. The PowerShell BITS cmdlets can help with that issue though. Cool

    Seriously, on top of being great shows in general, it was cool that Tablet PCs were often used in the SG series (particularly Atlantis). MS should've capitilized on that. Tablets have never gotten much TV marketing. Hopefully they'll get a much needed push with Windows 7's release.

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    The 16:9 format is great, but it does something weird to the silverlight player. Theres a big black band in the bottom 1/4th of the screen, with the player controls just above that.

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    Rodney McKay

    No problem with the wormholes! My ZPM is fully charged and my latest compression algorithms can download the file within a few seconds - as long as Zelenka keeps his fingers from my tablet PC!

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