This Week on C9: Brian Keller returns, Photosynth, Olympics, EvNet source code, and more

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This Week on Channel 9, Dan is joined by Brian Keller who is back from his vacation in Patagonia to cover:

- His experiences in Patagonia
Photosynth RTW's! Turn 2D photos into 3D
- Lutz Roeder: .NET Reflector moving over to Red Gate Software, via Alvin Ashcraft)
- What's the deal with Seinfeld singing the praises of Vista? (via Ars Technica)
- Charlie Calvert: Future Focus: Document Map Margin (Feedback link)
- Sara Ford: Visual Studio Tips book with 100% of author royalties going to create a scholarship fund for Waveland, Mississippi (via Greg Duncan)
- Building a simple Windows Media Center application (via Matt Hardman)
- EvNet Source code (engine that runs Channel 8/9/10/Edge release , C9 Coffeehouse to instantly branch and build a bajillion features (via Kent Sharkey)
Silverlight Olympics stats: 250+ TB of data and 8MM installs a day (via Ars Technica)
Video Clip with Adam Kinney where he asks follow up questions from Niners on
- Jaime Rodriguez: Everything you ever wanted to know about the .NET Framework Client profile
- Brian's Pick of the week: Ade Miller - 100 days of Continuous Integration
- Dan's Pick of the week: Minh Channel 9 Deep Zoom (via the Coffeehouse)



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