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This Week on C9: Christian "LittleGuru" Liensberger, VS 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

32 minutes, 26 seconds


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This Week on Channel 9, Dan is joined by Christian "LittleGuru" Liensberger where they cover:

- LittleGuru's first week of being a Microsoft intern
Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 shipped
- Julia Lerman - Tips and tricks for installing VS 2008 SP1
- Scott Hanselman: Hidden Gems of .NET 3.5 SP1
- Dan and Christian share their favorite SP1 features
- Brad Abrams: Managed code can now be launched from a network share
- WPF Performance blog: Using WPF SP1 splash screens to improve precevied startup performance
Codeplex: Official WPF Codeplex project for DataGrid and other out-of-band enhancements
- Patrick Smacchia: NDepend on .NET 3.5 SP1 shows hundres of new namespaces, methods, types and more
- Lloyd Humph - Painting his office ceiling using the Channel 9 guy!
- frickinsweet: A tool to build custom Visual Studio Themes
- CodeProject: Adding wallpaper to Visual Studio
- NewScientistTech: Rat brained robots (video demo)
- Video clip of Charles Torre interviewing Vince Orgovan on Windows Vista error reporting 
Sync Framework for Windows Mobile devices CTP1
- Steve Clayton: Office Lab's PPT Plex, kind of like adding DeepZoom to PowerPoint (video demo)
- Charlie Calvert: Axialis IconWorkshop Lite Visual Studio addin available including free pre-built icon templates
- DotNetKicks: Add Windows Explorer directly into Visual Studio using free Mindscape addin.
- DevExpress releases 60 free Windows Forms and ASP.NET controls 
- Steve Sinofsky launches Engineering Windows 7 blog
- Coding4Fun: Jerry Brunning's Stall Status Silverlight Sidebar gadget let's you check to if the bathroom is occupied using ZWave Home Automation.
- CodeProject: .NET wrapper for Intel's Open Source Computer Vision (OpenCV) library via Greg Duncan
- We learn that Christian's thesis uses OpenCV for image analysis of "adult" content
- Christian's pick of the week: Daily cartoon - Wulffmorgenthaler
- Dan's pick of the week: Rob Burke combines DeepZoom and LOL cats to build DeepLOL


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  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    LittleGuru!!! Right on! Two weeks, two Niners. Man, I like this pattern.

  • BasBas It finds lightbulbs.
    Wow. I wish I knew about the not having to uninstall Visual Studio Express thing before doing the uninstall Visual Studio Express thing.
  • Lloyd HumphreysLloyd_Humph If Blackberrys are addictive cellphones, Channel9 is the ultimate addictive website.
    I now know why Chris never became a singer Smiley

    I'll definately be checking out the customizer thing, I would love it if VS emulated the way Blend looks! Rat brained robots is a little weird.

    I read this thing about Unit 371 (I think - a Japanese experiment similar to the Názi experiments) where they kept a dogs head alive.. this reminded me of that, I suppose it's sortof in reverse Smiley

    Awesome show, as usual. First time I've been able to comment though! Smiley For some reason it wouldn't work before :\
  • Mark Wisecarverwisemx Live it
    Cool stuff guys. Big Smile
  • Christian Liensbergerlittleguru <3 Seattle
    Oh dear lord... he even put the video in (where we sing). My accent is getting better - hah!

    It was really awesome to be part of the show. I hope I can join another time again Smiley
  • Gotta love the 9'ers in 9 videos! Smiley
  • Dan FernandezDan
     I would love it if VS emulated the way Blend looks

    I couldn't agree more, my personal wish is that they unite the WPF designer teams so that VS gets all the niceties of Expression Blend rather than having to jump from one product to another to get things like IntelliSense and statement completion versus better designers, better resource support, etc
  • Go Microsoft !!!!!!!Dovella Go Microsoft !!!!!!!
    Go Christian Go!!!! Wink
  • haha, Christian's accent is very funny Smiley nice video, rock on!
  • actually I like how it looks now, there are so many things that needs to be fixed, how it looks is the last of them... there is place for improvements of course, but just copying Blend who has an awful UI is just plain crazy, improve performance, there is not time for play, I would say...
  • Christian Liensbergerlittleguru <3 Seattle
    It's my own unique accent Big Smile It took me forever to mix it together Tongue Out
  • MinhMinh WOOH!  WOOH!
    So, that's what littleguru looks like when he's not wearing a dress Smiley
  • Vesuviusvesuvius Count Orlock
    He speaks Italian, English, German fluently and some other Italian regional dialects, you?
  • William Staceystaceyw Before C# there was darkness...
    The Wow starts now!  Think the wow campaign should have been saved for SP1.

    fx 3.5 sp1 and VSsp1 are amazing so far.  Astoria, new web services, Entity framework, designers, Dynamic Data, sql 2008 support, and the list goes on.  I remember watching these things grow on C9 over the years, but having them all come together in this SP release is just amazing to see and finally have.  Now I just need another 6 months to learn all this stuff...  Great job MS and congrats!
  • William Staceystaceyw Before C# there was darkness...
    How is it VS does not show the MindScape Explorer as an installed Add-in?
  • hi
    Wulffmorgenthaler is from Denmark
  • Christian Liensbergerlittleguru <3 Seattle

    The jokes are really really awesome. Smiley I love them! Crakes me up each morning.

  • mejamie Niner since 2004
    haha excellent ... BIG guru!

    * so ray ozzie has been at the fish market eh... hopefully not jackson fish market Tongue Out
  • Nicholas Swiateckiswiatecki .net - love it
    Wulffmorgenthaler is danish Big Smile
  • Maddus MattusMaddus Mattus Maddus on C9, Is often ​controversi​al, But fun ​none-the-​less -​evildictait​or
    You finally took my advice not to place your laptop on your lap I see Wink
  • Barry Andrew HallPace What do you see?
    Cool video guys, interesting content as always.

    On the singing... I wouldnt give up the day job just yet Big Smile
  • Christian Liensbergerlittleguru <3 Seattle

    Maaaaaan... you destroy my dreams!!!

    @Maddus: we needed a way that both of us could read the slides. But it seems really to look good to the viewer.

  • i've been saying that for awhile the laptops detract from the video but like how it looks on the table.
  • Dan FernandezDan
    Yeah the laptop on the table works pretty well, it gives us an easy way to move back and forth between content on a decent-size display, hopefully w/o being too distracting

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