This Week on C9: Dynamic Silverlight, VSTS, buying Caio, and Mech Wars

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This Week on Channel 9, Brian and Dan discuss this week's developer news including:

- Microsoft purchases Greenfield for $486MM. Greenfield owns Ciao, which is Europe's largest shopping Web site with 5MM+ reviews.
- .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 reference source code now available via RSCC blog
- Rick Minerich: Change Garbage Collections settings on the fly with System.Runtime.GCSettings (Part 5 of 5-part GC series)
- Top 10 VSTS and TFS Articles via dotnetkicks
- Ben Hall: How to auto-zip your project using MSBuild
- Mech warfare is part of Robo Games 2009 including multiple mech classes via Trossen Robotics
- Slides and audio from Gamefest sessions are available for download including SQL Server for Games, Silverlight for casual games and blowing stuff up the Bungie way via Shawn Hargreaves
- Silverlight Spy lets you dissect Silverlight applications include code (using Reflector) via Greg Duncan
-A step-by-step article on how to Download XAML on demand
- Windows Home Server Developer Guidelines released
- Get list of installed applications using LINQ via DZone
- See what's going on inside the svchost process using this C# SVC Host Viewer via Greg Duncan
- Grudge Match: Dan and Brian are flying down to the Hurricanes vs Gators game where the winner gets to pick what the other person will wear next show (Dan gets the spread)
- Brian's pick of the week: Comcast to cap data transfers at 250GB in October
- Dan's pick of the week: Brianna the Brain clip



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