This Week on C9: Fireworks, Powerset, Equipt, Pex, and cool downloads

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This Week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian go through the week's news and celebrate the 4th of July (American Independence Day):

- Shooting Roman Candles at a video camera with a fireproof screen
- Microsoft acquires Powerset, a natural language search company
- Microsoft announces Equipt, a $70/year subscription to Microsoft Office that includes three Office licenses and OneCare (via
- Imagine Cup 2008 Finals are taking place in France and Long Zheng from is competing (via
- Video by Jason Sobel from Facebook's infrastructure team on how Facebook supports billions of photos(via James Hamilton)
- Video clip of Brian interviewing the researchers building "Pex" a new tool for automated exploratory testing
- Video clip of Amanda Silver on making tough feature cuts for Visual Basic 2008
- New, cool 3D XNA Starter Kit: Robot Game, available for download for Creator's Club subscribers
- Bart de Smet's blog post: A Lap around "Velocity"
- Sandcastle source code published to Codeplex (via Todd Mancini)
- New PDC Sessions updated on
- Andy Konkel's Coding4Fun article: BlueBoss, Bluetooth Proximity Detection
- How Stuff Works: How Fireworks work
- Dan's Pick of the week: Erik Klimczak: Coding4Fun: WPF Custom Screensaver Art
- Brian's Pick of the week: Nick Berardi's analysis on male/female ratio's for developer bloggers (Phil Haack wins!)
- After the credits, Roman candle test failure



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