This Week on C9: IE8 and Popfly Betas, WPF tools and apps, SP1 improvements and more

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This Week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian cover this week's news and videos including:

- Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 available for download - (0:00 - 4:15)
- Popfly Game Creator goes from alpha to beta (4:15 - 5:32)
- Free eBook: Data Structures and Algorithms by Granville Barnett and Luca del Tongo (5:32 - 6:32)
- Lester Lobo's XAMLPadX 4.0 released, via Alvin Ashcraft (6:32 - 7:17)
- Charles Petzold shows Curved ScrollBars using WPF 3D (7:17 - 8:04)
SP1 .NET Fx (8:04 - 9:25)
- Demo of Office Labs Chart Advisor (download) (9:25 - 11:03)
- Video clip of Charles Torre interviewing the Channel 8,9,10, and Edge team (11:03 - 13:11)
- Video clip of Adam Kinney with Matthew Allbee showing off Lawson Smart Office  (13:11 - 14:44)
- Scott Hanselman - Windows Home Server saves his marriage (14:44 - 16:03)
- Video clip of Charles interviewing the Home Server team including the Niner-turned-'softire "dahat" (16:03 - 17:07)
- Visual Studio "Go To Definition" for WPF jumps to XAML in SP1, via Beth Massy (17:07 - 18:26)
- Zeep Mobile: Free (ad-supported) SMS Gateway for developers (18:26 - 20:01), via ReadWriteWeb
- Brian's Pick of the week: Microsoft Research Unwrap Mosaics let's you dynamically modify video with effects, including video clip (20:01 - 21:45)
- Dan's Pick of the week: Windows Live applications on Facebook, updating your Messenger status now can auto-update Facebook, Photozoom, and MapMate and Facebook hits 100 million users (21:45 - 23:33)



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The Discussion

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    Nooooooooohhh!!! Brian shaved

    Cool show guys! Smiley Great picks of the week.

    Btw. what happened to the small C9 guy?
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    Looks like he's practicing being a hologram (reflecting off of the laptop).
  • User profile image
    I finally got a new laptop though Smiley

    Specs here in case anyone is interested. I am digging it and as Erik pointed out, it's quite shiny Smiley
  • User profile image

    Way to go! What happened to your old notebook, now that you have the new one?

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    Sadly, I'm expecting webslices to fail horribly simply because nobody is going to implement them. I mean, look at ebay. Why do you have to go to a special search page? Why didn't they just render all auction pages with web slices? If the number one example that's always given for webslices doesn't even feature them by default, what's that going to say for the rest of the web?

    I don't know. The popularity of this feature relies on broad implementation, and so far, I'm not seeing any indications of that happening.

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    This guy, Dan, is very irritating. This interrups the presentation. Now, it's more or less a mad-man-show, with one word: "cool". That's not informative, sorry.
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    I have to give it back as it's actually a loaner given that my Dell 1330 was...unsound. A team normally keeps an extra laptop so if someone's laptop dies, they can have use the loaner.

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    Good points, IE8 certainly has lots of work ahead for them. My biggest wish would be to be able to have a great extensibility model using managed code and built-in support in Visual Studio for building/debugging addins.

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    more or less a mad-man-show
    This is our goal Smiley

    Brian and I interrupt each other is because one of us knows a story deeper than another,

    ...with one word: "cool". That's not informative
    Hmm, not quite, on Popfly I gave my personal view and pain on using custom audio, I explained how the data structures and algorithms book is a bit different in that it covers pseudocode, or how massive the changes were to NGen for SP1, all in the first nine minutes.


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    That's pretty much my biggest wish too, yeah. I'd love to make a bunch of IE add-ons, but I'm sure as hell not going to mess with COM and registry hacks. This is 2008. Give me a safe, managed Visual Studio project template and a beautiful .NET class hierarchy that allows me to add toolbars, mess with the views, access the DOM in each page in each tab, et cetera. Then life will be beautiful.
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    So go read the news instead. This is a lighthearted look at the current events, and comes across well.

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