This Week on C9: I'm a PC, Talk like a Pirate day, 101 Silverlight downloads and more

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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian cover:

- The Microsoft Company Meeting
- The new Windows without Walls campaign
- Clip from the new I'm a PC ads
- Visual Studio Extensibility conference on campus this weekend, videos coming soon
- XNA Game Studio 3.0 Beta now available with lots of new features and improved stability.
- Clarity Consulting releases cool Unified Communications presence controls in WPF, via Alvin Ashcraft.
- StackOverflow launches (kind of like a free version Experts Exchange with Web 2.0 goodness), and Jeff Atwood will be showing how they built it in Phil Haack's MVC session at PDC.
- Windows Live Wave 3 launches and Windows Live Photo Gallery SDK comes with a C# example that uploads photos to Flickr, via Greg Duncan.
- A great collection of 101 free Silverlight controls and tools
- Introducing SQL Server 2008 eBook, via Greg Duncan.
- Brian's pick of the week: Unethical developers build cheats into, a Poker Web site, so they can steal money from the company they work for, Dan and Brian discuss whether developers should have a code of ethics/conduct like doctors.
- Dan's pick of the week: Warhammer Online now available, gameplay is lots of fun, but more importantly, the game is customizable by developers using Lua.



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The Discussion

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    Great show guys.
    Dan..Yeah, sensible...The little lady will be proud of ya. Big Smile
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    Arrgghh, matey... another 2fer week!   Smiley

    Thanks guys!
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    I uploaded my video yesterday (Im a PC) , and today there is no video  Sad

    I Upload again?
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    That free ebook offer is crap.  Claiming a DRM'd PDF, locked in an active-x control, hosted in webpage, that opens once after many attempts, after filling out a registration form, that was already filled with information, that hasn't changed in five years, as free or in any other way comparable to beer, is a fraud.

    With that said, the content of the Microsoft Press books is good and should not be tarnished by the ridiculous restrictions placed on it by unscrupulous individuals. 
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    I was able to open it and save to a 39MB IntroSQL2008.xps file on Vista.
    Kudos to Microsoft Press. Big Smile
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    Hi Dovella -

    I think that the "I'm a PC" submissions get reviewed before they get posted. They of course have to make sure that each submission is appropriate for the campaign. Since the campaign launched last week I'm sure they are dealing with thousands of submissions right now, and of course there's no guarantee that all submissions will be used as part of the campaign. I submitted mine, too. I hope yours makes it in!

    To all Niners: If your "I'm a PC" video gets used in the campaign please send us a link. We can start using these in This Week on Channel 9. Smiley And even if it doesn't make it into the ad campaign, send us a link to your video on your own blog or other location we can download from and we'll use a few of those as well. Simply email bestshow AT microsoft DOT com.

    Brian Keller

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    I am sure that my video will be published for some reason

    1st  I'm Beautifull Big Smile
    2nd  My words are   Im PC and I Love Windows

    I tried 400 test before making the final registration ,
    almost called the barber and beautician

    Will be available my video , post  the link immediately C9.
    Thank you

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    Performance on the "Silverlight Grid Control Demos" is quite bad on my dual core 2.8 Ghz...

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    That’s retarded.  They won’t let you save it, but they will let you print it to a file.  Wonders never cease. 

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