This Week on C9: Imagine Cup, hosted services, C# 4.0, and ASP.NET tips

Play This Week on C9: Imagine Cup, hosted services, C# 4.0, and ASP.NET tips

The Discussion

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    Cool stuff guys. Viva!
    Brian, you probably looked at this already but take another look:

    Scott did a good job simplifying it.
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    Thanks a lot to the whole team for putting the show together every week.
    It's always fun an interesting.
    Channel 9 is one of the best things out of Microsoft; I love the informal interviews, the insights into new technologies and the people making these things happen.

    One comment about the videos: could you put on screen the URL or a tinyurl of the sites you talk about?
    The issue is that not everyone gets the videos from channel9 directly (for instance I usually use Miro), so when you show up a website we can't rely on the video alone to find out where to go.

    Thank you.
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    Oh my God, that Minesweeper video! I thought it was just a funny idea, but then I realised what all the references were... That yellow guy, the first square... Amazing.
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    I don't know if this might help to understand what Lambda Expressions are...
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    But we want you to come back here for all the details.  Wink  Does Miro (never used it before) not give you a link back to where the video came from?
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    Hi Erik,
    Miro uses RSS feeds as "Channels" but it keeps them hidden from its user interface. You can get direct links to the video file itself but that's of no help.
    The issue of links isn't a huge one but it's entirely possible that some would add the "Channel9" channel in Miro without even knowing that  the videos came from this site.

    It could be a good idea to at least include a link to the site itself or -better- have a short URL displayed at the beginning of each video to go back to its original post for the video. The rationale for this would be to allow people who download and share videos with their colleagues to easily find out where they comes from.
    I often download videos on particular topics and watch them later, or re-watch them after a while, but it's sometimes hard to find the original post for them.
    It's more of a usability thing than anything else really, especially if you want people to go back to the site for more.

    Anyway, it was just a thought.
    Thanks a lot for all the work being done here.

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