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The Discussion

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    Actor renaming! I was wondering when that would be possible, awesome. Gonna have to check that out, working with Actor1 through 55 was a pain.

    Packed show guys, nice!
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    Agreed, it's really hard to track who's-doing-what in Game Creator without it. The cool part is how fast the team is adding meaningful features Smiley
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    Maddus Mattus
    Guys, you shouldnt place your laptops on your laps.

    Their are two main arteries that run in your legs that pass blood to the crown jewels. If you place a laptop there the blood gets warmed up and seriously damages your 'swimmers'.

    Maybe I should have put this in an email,....

    Good stuff on the show btw!
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    LOL, I think you win (in Comic Book Guy's voice)  "most unexpected comment ever!"

    Well it's only 20 minutes a week and Keller's not looking to "swim" anytime soon.

    And with that I will walk away from the thread, s-l-o-w-l-y.... Smiley 

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    10 amp robots with terminator music.. lol  I would definitely wanna watch a video of that done.

    the 3d golf course with virtual earth3d looked interesting. tis a shame its not like a directly available sort of mini game where you can go around ve3d and find a golf course to try out Smiley 

    keep up with the weekly videos they are good to catch up on happenings.

    (in Comic Book Guy's voice)  "most unexpected comment ever!"...

    lol yeah
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    Luckily "swimmers" die on a regular basis anyway and are "replenished".  Smiley
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    Hahaha!! Big Smile

    Awesome episode again!

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