This Week on C9 Live Mesh wins a Crunchie, Win 7 tips and a VPC, and Codeproject apps

Play This Week on C9 Live Mesh wins a Crunchie, Win 7 tips and a VPC, and Codeproject apps
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This week on Channel 9, Brian and Dan discuss the latest developer news including:

- Live Mesh wins TechCrunch's Best Technology Innovation at the 2008 Crunchie awards, via Live Services blog
- Brian Keller's post on how to install Windows 7 Beta using Virtual PC
- Tim Sneath has a great post on Windows 7 Beta tips and tricks including new features like the Problem Steps Recorder
- A Codeproject article that shows how to convert a DataSet object to the Open XML (Excel 2007) format
- Adam Kinney announces Silverlight 3 sessions for the Mix conference including an overview session, media, and graphics deep dive
- A Codeproject article that shows how to build custom ISO files with ASP.NET, via Jason Haley
- Ars Technica article how C# and Mono are being used for iPhone and Wii applications, including 40+ App Store applications
- Rick Strahl's blog post on how to use Fiddler including how to monitor HTTP traffic using the built-in Cassini Web Server, via dotnetkicks
- Kirill Osenkov walks through the design of the Visual Studio 2010 Call Hierarchy Navigation feature
- The Pex team changed their license which means you can now use with commercial products and Peli has published a Getting started with Pex in Visual Studio 2008 video
- Faisal Khan started a Digg-like site for .NET content called which is built with the Kigg MVC engine
- Brian's pick of the week: Chris Sells and team write Zork written in M (Oslo's programming language), via Greg Duncan
- Dan's pick of the week: Charles Petzold builds a cool text-morphing checkbox template using Silverlight that morphs "no" into "yes"



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