This Week on C9: Netflix, Extension Methods, Debugging, oh my

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This Week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian cover:

- Netflix streaming coming to Xbox 360 via Gizmodo (0 - 2:00)
- Roiy Zysman: Programatically geotag photos (2:00 - 3:51)
- Mark Brown: Behind the Maps Series (3:51 - 4:21)
- Terrarium open sourced on Codeplex via Bil Simser (4:21 - 7:05)
- Chris Pietschmann: Enhance Enums using Extension Methods via dotnetkicks (7:05 - 8:20)
- Karl Seguin building an open source Extensions Methods library (8:20 - 9:40)
- Video clip from Daniel Pearson using WinDBG to change Notepad data live in-memory (9:40 - 13:30)
- Production ASP.NET Debugging via HumanCompiler (13:30 - 14:20)
- 4 Free chapters from ASP.NET 3.5 for Dummies (14:20 - 15:30)
- Charles Fitzgerald on IBM and Second Life Interoperability press release (15:30 - 16:50)
- Our petition to add an MMO component to BabySmash, go to (16:50 - 18:25)
- Wisemx and Littleguru get prizes for helping Brian understand lambdas (18:25 - 19:02)
- Brian's pick of the week: Brian Harry posts on Team Foundation Server Power Tools (19:02 - 20:35)
- Dan's pick of the week: Graffiti Research Labs C++ Laser Tag application with the hope that Brian Peek builds this with a Wiimote (20:35 - 21:33)
- Video clip of C++ Laser tag in action - full YouTube video (21:33 - end)



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The Discussion

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    You're right, nobody does use Second Life. Except for perhaps some people on Team Aniston.

    That laser tag thing was awesome. And it's in Rotterdam! I knew I recognized that bridge. If I'm not mistaken, they did that on the KPN building, which is actually a pretty cool building even without the projector and lasers. The facade of the building is covered in a matrix of bright green lights, which allows them to display a bunch of images and animatons on it, or things like the weather forecast or the number of seconds until the traffic light for cyclists turns green. The building is huge, so you can see it all from across the river. It's pretty neat, actually:

    Yeah, it's the dancing baby. Sorry.

    Anyway, great ending, by the way. Tongue Out
  • User profile image

    Team Aniston's mascot should be the tumbleweed Smiley

    I'm hoping Brian Peek can pull that project off, that would be shweet - That dancing baby video is pretty funny, I wonder if other people knew what that was Smiley 

    And what is it with Rotterdam and cool light shows?!

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    ZOMG!  You almost took down Channel 9 (again)!  You two are cut off!
  • User profile image
    That was awesome! Big Smile Although it was faster up again than usual Tongue Out

    ... and I'm getting a prize - yay!
  • User profile image
    yeah but littleguru - was your avatar correct? Your current one is the one I've always recognised...
  • User profile image

    I was also a little bit confused. They actually took the picture from my website instead of using my avatar.

  • User profile image
    We always try to pick the most "interesting" picture we can find for someone, like using a baby picture for Scott Hanselman Smiley
  • User profile image
    Lucky me you didn't find the picture where I was 6 years old. hehe. You should have asked jamie Big Smile ...

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