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This Week on C9: New Downloads, Design for Devs, TFS 2010, and underground Script Clubs

17 minutes, 36 seconds


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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the week's developer news, including:

- Silverlight Smooth Streaming now available through multiple CDNs
- Nikolai Tillmann - Pex .11 Released - Supports Delegates, Exception Trees, and Stubs
- New Tech Preview of Deep Zoom Composer
- SilverArcade - free community games built on Silverlight, via Andy Beaulieu
- Zune Lyrics - WPF app that pulls the current song being played and displays the lyrics via Lyricwiki.org, via Blake Handler
- Robby Ingebretsen's - Design for Developers 3-Part Workshop now available online, via Jaime Rodriguez
- Yochay Kiriaty - TechEd - Bring your own apps Windows 7 compatibility lab
- Emil Protalinski - Windows Live to get social with Facebook, Digg, 18 others
- PowerShell Script Club - Like Fight Club, but with scripts
- Brian Harry TFS 2010 Key Concepts
- Matt Mitrik - Configure Diff to Show Whitespace

- Brian's pick of the week: Notion Tools for Team System, Timesheet, Work Organizer, Work Planner, Work Item Controls
- Dan's pick of the week: Mind control your Tweets, via Valleywag


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  • CKurtCKurt while( ( !​succeed=try​() ) ) { }
    Love the show!

    Brian is on a roll when he talks about TFS and TS Tongue Out Couldn't get one word in between could you Dan?
  • Elmerelmer I'm on my very last life.
    I have a fast connection, but I've given up trying to watch these things... never more than a few secs between lengthy buffering delays... and downloading so slow that it's almost outdated info before I can watch it.
  • Dan FernandezDan
    LOL, true, he's a TFS maniac. I do agree with him that the Notion tools look pretty sweet Smiley
  • Tommy CarlierTommyCarlier Widen your gaze

    Yeah, I also noticed Brian's passion for TFS, and in previous videos too. It's cool to see someone that's enthusiastic about a certain technology.

    PS: Maybe “Brian The Build Bunny” was named after Brian Keller.

  • Christian Liensbergerlittleguru <3 Seattle
    I'm dead scared about the brain thing right now... scaaaaaaryy!!!
  • Dan FernandezDan
    Yeah, could you imagine what the back of your mind or your subconscious would Twitter:)? Could be pretty funny to hear what's really on everyone's mind.
  • Christian Liensbergerlittleguru <3 Seattle
    I wonder if it would be very pleasent if you knew what everyone is thinking.

    Btw. thanks for pointing out the session on design! I watched it and it's definitvely great. Smiley
  • Dorian MuthigDodo I'm your creativity creator™ :)
    It's not, I can assure you that for a certain reason that would be obvious on that regard, but hard to believe. Wink

    By the way, brain virtualization and a 'brain firewall' would prevent you from doing anything stupid. Apart from that, it's not going to be worse than sleep walking.
  • Dan FernandezDan

    While it may not be pleasant to hear, don't you think it's odd that we ignore our own thoughts and that this is something everyone experiences? Can we really not handle the truth of what everyone is *really* thinking?

    I do *love* the idea of a brain firewall though, you could make sure to filter out words like "love", "hate", "secret", etc.  I think some people need that on their conscious mind, I know I've made some bad slip-ups in the past, especially when a few drinks are involved Smiley

  • Christian Liensbergerlittleguru <3 Seattle
    Well... ignoring some thoughts is good. The next logical step of saying what we think is doing what we think... and I don't expect that to have a good outcome. I wonder how often people would have killed others just because they were mad at them. It's good that certaint things stay in the brain and only there Smiley In some religions (like christianity) it is even a sin to think "bad" things Wink

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