This Week on C9: Office 2010, PowerShell for OpenXML, and would you help a robot

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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the week's top developer news including:

- Office 14 is now Office 2010, Exchange 2010 beta is now available, and SharePoint will be SharePoint 2010. Office 2010 includes cool features like
- Excel Web Access
- Editing a PowerPoint presentation on the Web
- Outlook's Ignore Conversation to stop receiving email on a particular topic
- Outlook's Enhanced Conversation view
- Outlook's MailTips feature that will let you know if you are spamming an email alias or emailing someone out of the office
- J.D. Meier - Performance Hot Spots, via Alvin Ashcraft
- Arian Kulp - Coding4Fun Extensible System Tray Framework
- Larry Larsen - Meet the Industrial Design Team video
- Windows 7 Software Logo Program, via Emil Protalinski 
- Create Word documents using PowerShell with Power Tools for Open XML, via Greg Duncan
- Kirill Osenkov - Command line switches to control multiple monitors using Remote Desktop
Common Compiler Infrastructure (used in ILMerge, FXCop, Spec#) goes open source
- Brian's pick of the week - VSTS Free Online Workshops
- Dan's pick of the week - Tweenbots - Human dependent robots, via Steve Clayton



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The Discussion

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    Outlook Enhanced Conversation View - I guess they couldn't just call it "Gmail view" could they? Smiley

    Dan's suggestions for custom MailTips had me cracking up. Nice one. Love TWOCN!
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    This is my favorite show on C9, keep up the greate work

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    The tweenbots are so adorable Smiley Very nice find!
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    Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

    @Littleguru, definitely watch the video of the Tweenbots if you haven't already. Dan and I were cracking up watching it! I would love to know what people were thinking as they encountered the little guy.
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    The focus on the web is kind of confusing. I doubt this will get anywhere. The only reason web editors are popular now is because they are free...

    Office is a great Windows App as it is.

    Oh and is Live@Edu using Exchange 2010 already? It looks pretty similar.

    The Mesh Remote Client is definitely not as quick as the RDP client. There are so many remote desktop clients for Windows.

    Meeting Space, Mesh, RDP, Remote Assistance, Microsoft SharedView.
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    I'm of the opinion that screenshot of Excel Web Access is using Silverlight. It's a screenshot of IE7, not 8 which lacks a fair few useful CSS2 features, and the screenshot shows some things that would be very hard (if not impossible) to implement using plain XHTML/CSS/DOM Scripting, like client-side conditional formatting for bar-charts: note how the bars differ by scale rather than by scrolling (or simply being clipped). CSS2 has no support for background image scaling and making them inline images would just mess the layout up. It has to be Siverlight.
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    The focus on the web is kind of confusing. I doubt this will get anywhere. The only reason web editors are popular now is because they are free...

    Office is a great Windows App as it is.

    I don't know. I can't count the number of times when I was at work or something and thought "I need to make a note of this in OneNote", but couldn't, because OneNote was at home, on my private PC. So you're down to sending yourself an email and copy/pasting that stuff into OneNote when you get home. If there was a lightweight OneNote editor that allowed me to just edit the notebook I have at home simply by going to a certain website, then that'd be ideal.

    I don't want my software to be available where I installed it, I want it to be available where I am.
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    Web Access software isn't of much use to people who don't control their own servers. Enterprises will eat this up, but home users can't really sync Outlook Web Access with Desktop Outlook unless they use their OWA provider's Exchange servers. Similarly people who want to use Office Web Access will need to trust their provider's SharePoint servers.

    ....otherwise, the idea of having to upload a 40MB word document to WWA just to make a few changes and then have to redownload it again does not appeal.
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    Unless they can have office store their stuff locally and on Office Online or whatever it's called. With outlook, that might be a problem, sure.
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    Great episode!

    Are those Live VSTS workshops also on a video and on demand watchable?
    Can`t  attend to view live ones because schedule issues Sad but I`m really interested those workshops.

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    Thanks Sav!
    Unfortunately I checked and the VSTS workshops are not currently available as recordings. I got the impression that this might be something they do later, but for now would suggest that you just bookmark the page and come back later to see if a new time that works for you becomes available.


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