This Week on C9: PDC recap and Halloween with Scott Hanselman, Clint Rutkas, and Brian Peek

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    Is someone playing airhockey near where you were recording this? Very annoying sound in the background.

    Anyway, it didn't occur to me when I was watching the actual Azure stuff, but as they say in this vid Azure = blue. So Microsoft is either targetting or paying tribute to IBM here.
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    A tidbit of irony Smiley

    Windows Azure is MS Cloud O/S, but azure is the color of the sky without clouds...

    I said ironic, not funny...hehe

    I don't like "Azure." Hopefully, this year's "Azure" is next year's "Vista."
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    @rhm - Yeah, we recorded in the Channel 9 & Coding4Fun lounge where people were playing Rock Band 2 so that's what the background sound was.

    @Minh - I'm ambivalent on Azure as a name, but the technology is hot Smiley  I'm sure they looked at some names that had "sky" in the title too. Perhaps SkyNet would have been a more appropriate name.

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    I sorta associate azure with water more than with sky, but then again, clouds are water in the sky.

    Personally though, I think the award for the best cloud-based technology name has to go to Valve for coming up with 'Steam Cloud'.

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