This Week on C9: Top 9 MS Stories of 2008 and best of This Week on C9

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For our last episode of the year, Dan and Brian do a 2008 retrospective and pick the Top 9 Microsoft-related stories of 2008.

9. Microsoft plus or minus Yahoo
8. The coolness that is Photosynth
7. Windows Live & Live Mesh
6. XNA Community Games
5. Silverlight 2 & NBC Olympics
4. Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2008  & .NET Framework 3.5
3. Windows 7
2. Azure Services Platform
1. Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft

Plus a compendium of our favorite clips and moments from This Week on Channel 9.

Thanks to all our viewers,
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year
- Dan and Brian



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The Discussion

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    Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year dudes! Awesome year... I'm looking forward to the next (52 - x | x in an epsilon surrounding of 0) episodes Smiley
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    Congrats on a year of enjoyable, entertaining and informative episodes... All the best for the season (*pun*)!
  • User profile image
    Do you guys ever feel like you're maybe having... a bit too much fun? I mean you're working for Microsoft, the evil empire, damnit! Smiley
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    God I want one of those huge pillow/beanbag things. Actually, I want twelve. I also want Scott Hanselman to narrate everything I do in whatever voice pleases him.

    Nice retrospective, guys. Here's to another year!
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    Thanks everyone, This Week on Channel 9 has been a blast

    @rhm we do have too much fun, but who doesn't want to work at a place where you have a blast, get to play with new technology, meet cool people in the community and of course, have fun Smiley

    @Bas LOL, those bean bags are great and super comfy and as for Scott, I think he gets that a lot Smiley

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    VB Man
    I LOLed at the Mad Money reference. Smiley
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    Hahaha... Ed is awesome!

    Scott should come back and do more of his accents!!
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    Pretty blurry on this one...

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    Nice job!!!

    But common guys, what is it "Happy holidays AND Happy New Year”?  We have more than one end of December official holiday besides New Year? This is very "offensive"  Sad.  Couldn't you just say either "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"?
    Why do you undermine Christmas so much, or is it a banned word at Microsoft, or your code censors Christmas automatically Smiley LOL.

    Anyways, great year, great site, great work, videos, topics!!! Congrats!!!
    ... and
    "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year"!  Wink

    P.S. I know corporate policies like to discriminate the "unpopular" minorities in favor "popular" (or more vocal) minorities.

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    jh71283 are you viewing in the inline Silverlight player or by downloading the high-quality WMV? By default Channel 9 uses the lower-quality WMV as the source for the Silverlight player. I've been talking to the team about changing it to be high by default; there are tradeoffs we need to consider. But for now you can at least download the high-quality WMV and watch it in Media Player. But this episode shouldn't have been different than previous ones in this regard.
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    Haha - well, I hear what you're saying Ivan. Sometimes I do believe that the world has become far too politically correct and it can be frustrating.

    But honestly, we do have a diverse audience. Part of what makes Channel 9 great is the diversity - of the Niners, of the people in front of the camera, and of the people behind the camera. While that might sound like HR rhetoric, I really enjoy the diversity and have friends and colleagues from all walks of life.

    In that spirit, there are sometimes simple things one can do (replacing Christmas with Holidays for example) which can help you to avoid alienating anybody. I guess it's just a habit I've gotten in which works for me, and I think I'm speaking for Dan when I say that as well. It certainly isn't anything that HR or corporate PR impose on us - thankfully we tend to fly under the radar low enough that we generally aren't subject to their scrutiny. Shhh.... Wink

    Anyway - I am sorry if we offended you by being too policitally correct on this one, but thanks for your kind words and your viewership, and we'll see you in the New Year! (unless you use a different calendar system than the rest of the world in which case I'm deeply sorry if I've offended anybody.... ok couldn't resist that one! Wink )

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    Haha, well that was the whole point. Be politically correct all the time and not partially. Say "happy holidays" instead of Happy New Year or "Happy Holidays and Happy New Year", or Happy Independence Day or whatever else.

    Chinese don't celebrate new year in January, but in March. They didn't celebrate Christmas either, until recently, and now it is celebrated only as a marketing campaign. So in a politically correct environment we should not mention any holidays at all since  huge chunk of people don't have any this time of the year, otherwise we would be offending them. Smiley

    This is a very slippery slope argument, which could eliminate all the holidays all together. LOL. Smiley

    May be we should omit "holi" since it reminds of a word "holy" and thus it is too religious and offends atheists.

    Christmas is a Federal holiday just like 4th of July, yet nobody is really politically correct on that day while it is celebrated only in US.

    My point is, since when did Christmas become offensive to somebody while other holidays didn't? And if you are politically correct to some and not the others, that is NOT politically correct.

    It is very good to have diversity, I have many friends from different countries, and I respect their views.

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    >>May be we should omit "holi" since it reminds of a word "holy" and thus it is too religious and offends atheists.

    Ha! Well, we were going to close the episode by just saying "Happy Days" but we ran into trademark infrigement.

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