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This Week on C9: VS 2010 Beta 1, Windows API Code Pack, & a WPF Jukebox

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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the top developer news, including:

- Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 is now available for anyone to download!
- Dan's Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 Cheat Sheet
- Brian's 10-4 episode on how to download and install Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1
- Visual Studio 2010 Training Kit
- Favorite VS 2010 Features from Jason Zander's VS 2010 Post
  - WPF Designer for RAD Data
  - HTML SnippetsjQuery Love
  - Visual Studio Extension Manager
  - New Visual Studio 2010 Extensibility features
- Yochay Kiriaty - Windows API Code Pack released
- Corey Schuman - 3 essentials to quickly learning Blend, via Alvin Ashcraft
- Roy Osherove - The Art of Unit Testing book + two free chapters
- MVVM for Dummies, via Greg Duncan
- Charles Torre interviews the BCL Team
- Kyle Baley - TeamCity.CodeBetter Project List
- 25 Best ASP.NET MVC Tutorials, via DotNetKicks

Picks of the week
- Brian's pick of the week: Brian Harry - Security Development Lifecycle
- Dan's pick of the week: Coding4Fun - Rudi Grobler's WPF-Based Electric Jukebox


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  • I'm suffering from Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 sensory overload.. so much to learn.. I’m excited... long weekend, who needs to go outside when you have Visual Studio to play with....

    Brian followed your video.  It tooks less time to install TFS with VSTS into the Server VM, than for me to install it into XP PRO SP2 at work for some of my devs to test.

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    I like the subtle Star Trek (somebody's quarters?) vibe of the Studio. Nic, Larry, you guys are clever.

    Great show, as always.


  • ZippyVZippyV Fired Up

    When is the next Summer Of Nine contest?

  • Are there examples on how to create VS Shell ( Isolated Mode ) applications? 

  • Dan FernandezDan

    I'm spending parts of this weekend using VS 2010 for an upcoming Coding4Fun project. So far, I'm definitely liking it, and of course I have it installed on a Win 7 RC+ build with a new Office build, so I'm pushing my luck Smiley

  • Dan FernandezDan

    I'm not sure we'll have another, primarily because I think Microsoft is doing way too many contests, especially developer contests. Here's a rant from me before on the subject -  http://blogs.msdn.com/danielfe/archive/2008/03/17/microsoft-the-contest-machine.aspx, but on average, Microsoft is doing 1 contest a week for the whole year!!

    How crazy is that?!  It seems like such a gigantic waste of resources, to do 50+ small contests versus, say 5-10 bigger ones. In any case, I'm trying to help stem the tide and the one contest I personally help with is the Show Off contest, which always has amazing entries. We'll be doing it again for PDC this year, and it would be cool if we could find some way to integrate that into C9 (online voting?).

    What I would like to do though, is have Microsoft sponsored open source projects. You could say we do this to some extent today, but this would be a bit more formalized where people would submit an idea for an open source utility, application, whatever (ex: .NET video processing library that can run in Silverlight), and we would subsidize the project and ensure that the project is maintained, bugs are fixed, etc.

    In any case, apologies for the rant, I just wish Microsoft would be a lot more coordinated in our contest efforts and really think about what we want to do with them, versus the ad hoc, "every-team-has-a-contest" approach we currently have.

    My .02,


  • Dan FernandezDan

    Shaggygi - I don't know any for VS 2010, but for VS 2008, yes, Check out AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft, a project I'm the coordinator for, that shows how to build a totally custom IDE for building AddOns for World of Warcraft. It includes a visual designer, project system, SVN support (using AnkhSVN), properties window, IntelliSense, Debugging, syntax colorization/highlighting, Snippets, etc. Smiley

  • rhmrhm

    Hehe, Speaker City Smiley

  • ChadkChadk excuse me - do you has a flavor?

    I love the new set btw. Smiley

  • Greg Duncangduncan411 It's amazing what a professional photographer can do...

    Thanks for the shout-out's guys... Smiley

  • DonaldBydia Donald

    Please create a VPC version on say XP pro with just vs2010 pro. without the TeamServer but with the samples.   Creating a hyper-v version will only reach a small group of developers.  I'm sure a larger group of devs. would like the vhd to not be too big either.

  • I agree, Beta software, hell yes!  I love the "beta" stamp on things.  Nothing is really ever final I guess, we just take a snapshot of our work-to-date and release it to the masses.

    I've replaced all the copies of Vista I have with 7 and so far I like it.  I've been able to stress the OS to its limits and I love the fact that, “it just keeps up with me”.

    The one thing I’m noticing about 7 that made me cringe in Vista was when my taskbar is three and four levels high, Vista would switch back to “Vista Basic” mode because I'm using too much video memory, I haven't had that problem with the desktop compositor in 7.  Whatever the team did to accomplish that, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    Best of luck on your coding4fun article, I'm taking some code at work I'm using to automate excel and i'm looking forward to no PIA anymore.

  • Would it be possible to get better quality on the videos.  The screenshots you pop up are unreadable.  It's actually just as unreadable on the background monitor, only bigger.  Also, are you guys hosting this on your laptop?  I had to restream 3 times and I've got 18MB/s downstream.  Plus, rewinding is also really slow.


  • The VS2010 Shell appears to be pretty powerful.  When you mentioned "Manufacturing and IT Operations" ( From Extensibility Blog ), does this mean we could develop and deploy custom applications within the VS Shell to several machines via ClickOnce and/or Windows Installer?  Do the machines that install these type of apps require to have a VS license ( Express, Standard, Pro, Team, etc. ) installed, as well?  Thanks in advance.

  • The VS2010 Shell appears to be pretty powerful.  When you mentioned "Manufacturing and IT Operations" ( VS 2010 Extensibility Blog ), does this mean we could develop and deploy custom applications within the VS Shell to several machines via ClickOnce and/or Windows Installer?  Do the machines that install these type of apps require to have a VS license ( Express, Standard, Pro, Team, etc. ) installed, as well?  Thanks in advance.

  • I don't think that the VS Shell would be deployable via ClickOnce but you should be able to bootstrap it into your add-in/extension's installer. Usually you want to detect if Visual Studio is already installed and available; if so, then you don't need to install the shell, but you may choose to as a separate AppID (I think that's the right term - but check the docs). It's redistributable and does not require that anybody pays for a Visual Studio license. More information here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vsx2008/products/bb933751.aspx

    Note that my understanding is that you cannot redistribute the Visual Studio 2010 beta 1 shell, however. You'll probably need to wait until RTM in order to do that, but you can get started building your add-ins/extensions today.

  • Re: video quality you should download the high-quality WMV (right under the inline player). This is the highest quality version and is better than the version used in the inline Silverlight player on the page. For that player we usually use a lower-quality feed to improve the experience for low-bandwidth users.

  • xyzzerxyzzer Once developer - always developer...

    Check out the new version of Windows API Code Pack at http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/WindowsAPICodePack

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