This Week on C9: VS2010 RC, Winter Olympics, Valentine's Day

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The Discussion

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    Crazy RED Blink @01:36.

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    Ha! Nice. I guess that was Laura's way of saying Happy Valentine's Day, subliminally. Smiley

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    Something is wrong with the video: WMV High, it's like blurry and not smooth as always. Am I correct? Wink

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    Michael, our normal editor was out of the office on vacation so chances are that we didn't end up using the same settings. Apologies, but he'll be back next week Smiley

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    Thanks for discussing my CodeProject article on writing a sensor driver for the Nintendo Wiimote for Windows 7 on your show.  Just wanted to clarify that I used Brian Peek's WiimoteLib implementation to figure out how to correctly communicate with the Wiimote (i.e. what bits to send and how to parse what it sends back), but the driver doesn't actually call out to the WiimoteLib, i.e. there is no runtime dependency on the WiimoteLib.  The driver is a completely native UMDF driver.  Thanks!

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