This Week on C9: Win 7 Taskbar, the art of debugging, WPF, and the end of the world?

Play This Week on C9: Win 7 Taskbar, the art of debugging, WPF, and the end of the world?
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This week on Channel 9, Brian and Dan discuss this week's developer news, including:

Moonlight 1.0 goes live
- Lots of cool Windows 7 Taskbar API Samples
- WPF Data Binding Cheat Sheet, via .NET Kicks
- Rudi Grobler: WPF Themes Project Updated
- Bruno Terkaly: 10 Part series on the Art of Debugging, via Greg Duncan
- New features coming for Web deployment with VS 2010 & IIS
- Tina Wood's new series on Channel 9, The History of Microsoft
- In the Coffeehouse: Jamie builds some amazing Microsoft + Channel 9 designs
- Smashing Magazine features Channel 9 as an example of what to do in their 10 Harsh Truths about Corporate Web Sites
- Scott Hanselman: List of Podcasts for .NET Programmers (with a shoutout to This Week on C9!)
Mix 10K Challenge community voting is live until Feb 16th
- Laura Foy launches the Microsoft Guide to Valentine's Day
- Brian's pick of the week: On Friday the 13th, 2009 at 11:31:30 UTC, epoch time will offically be 1234567890
- Dan's pick of the week Mark Heath's Coding4Fun project, a Skype Voice Changer that can mask your voice on Skype (watch video demo)



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The Discussion

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    cool - thanks guys
    re- old ms ads
    "are they as bad as our current advertising?"

    haha  - good one brian
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    The end is hilarious Big Smile

    Just one thing, I don't get the thing about 1234465560 = 'Thu, 12 Feb 2009 19:06:00 UTC'
    and for the record, world ends epoch 1236907890 and starts all over again in another reality Smiley
  • User profile image
    Sorry for the confusion, that was a screenshot of which was counting down (technically up) the time to 1234567890 Smiley

    Now what date/time is 1236907890?
  • User profile image
    Ah, ok

    1236907890 is Fri, 13 Mar 2009 01:31:30 UTC because February is actually the last month of the year, which means we're actually still in 2008 they just changed the months somewhen, dunno when, and sice the world ends on a Friday 13th in 2009... or not... it just happens to be my 20th birthday, nothing special, but I'm still getting the feeling world ends that day, since I also know someone turning 50 the same day, it's very odd...

    Actually world ends for real on Friday, 22 Dec 2282 20:13:30 UTC, which is counting down epoch "9876543210" and since we're all dead by then anyway, nothing to really worry about Smiley
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    At, you can see lots of styels for all the wpf controls, let me know what you think.

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