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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian are back to discuss:

Windows 7 Beta 1 is unveiled at CES and available for download 
- Larry Larsen from Channel 10 shows the key Beta 1 features in 3 minutes.
- The Channel 10 crew have a slew of videos on new stuff coming out of CES.
- Windows Live Essentials Wave 3 is now available for download (via Ars Technica)
- Kodu (originally called Boku) shows programming basics for kids.
- Yochay Kiriaty has several Windows 7 Taskbar videos available on Channel 9.
- Brian talks about the new show: 10-4 on Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0
- Brian's pick of the week: Apple's revolutionary new laptop with no keyboard
- Dan's pick of the week: Cool demo by Stimulant that combines a Microsoft Surface and a Wii Balance Board.



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The Discussion

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    is that macbook wheel real? it sounds like a joke Tongue Out
    "everything is just a few hundred clicks away" a few hundred clicks?!
     "[...] can run for a full 19 minutes before recharge" err.. thats like.. nothing
    "its virtually unbreakable unless dropped or hit"  yes you heard right! it wont fall appart from sitting on your desk!

    typing a thing of the past?
    also did they say that that guy spent 45 minutes writing an email?? it was like 5 lines Perplexed
    if thats a real product apple really havent thought this through Smiley
    also, how is dumping all your files in a giant list "organizing" Big Smile

    it is innovative though Smiley probly the first actual innovation from apple in a long time Smiley

    ok so it isnt real Big Smile its 2 am, im way to tired for jokes like that Smiley also, i cant seem to watch the (c9) video O_o maybe its not up yet Smiley
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    And where is an excited discusstion about Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta release? Smiley

  • User profile image

    LOL, I loved the iPod wheel video, it's really well produced Smiley

    As for the video, it somehow lost all of the links, but it should be fixed now

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    I think I'd have something closer to 99 cents...

    That Surface demo is one of my favorite WiimoteLib uses.
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    after awtching it again after gettign some sleep it feel slightly foolish Tongue Out

    but its so plausable Tongue Out every thing from the "re-inventing the wheel"  banner to the mac fan that says "i wish it show in the email that its sent from a mac book wheel, that way people know you have one" Tongue Out its not a flatering image of apple and mac fans but still a totaly plausable one Big Smile

    i guess i should have know it was a fake when the reporter says the second wheel will 4ounces lighter because of the lack of strainging hard drive or wheel  Tongue Out the soduku killer should have been a telling sign too Tongue Out

    not living in the us makes it hard too because its what a fox news news cast could totaly be Wink
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    I'm running Windows 7 also on all of my machines as primary OS: which totals of exactly one install Big Smile

    Nice show guys!
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    Hey Everyone!   I just downloaded the Windows 7 Beta, and am looking to install it onto a Vista Home Premium Laptop.  However, I want to install it to Virtual PC 2007.  First, is this possible (I have heard that it is), and how is this done?  Thank you to anyone who helps out!
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    Hi RyGuy -

    Disclaimer: I haven't it tried it personally yet but I have also heard that it works, and the steps should be similar to that of installing other operating systems into Virtual PC.

    First make sure you are running Virtual PC 2007 SP1. Help -> About should show

    I think Vista Home Premium might be one of the operating systems that Virtual PC isn't supported on, so you might get a warning to that effect. It should still work - but it's not "supported" per se, so that just means that if you have to call Microsoft Support they won't be able to help you troubleshoot it.

    Then after you download the beta you'll have an ISO file. That ISO file is bootable and can be mounted within Virtual PC. Start a fresh VHD file and boot it up, then mount the ISO, then (since the ISO will not be found on your first attempt) restart and it should find it and allow you to boot to the ISO for installing Win7. If you've never done this before just refer to the Virtual PC instructions (search for "ISO" and it should be your first result).

    It might take you a few minutes of playing around with it to see how this works but fundamentally it's no different than installing a new operating system on a fresh PC.

    Good luck, and happy Win7'ing!

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    Hey RyGuy12 - you inspired me to write a blog post on this. Smiley Hope it helps!
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    I had the Windows 7 Beta 1 installed in Virtual PC, but not on Vista HP but rather on Vista Ultimate. The cool stuff about it was that Windows 7 even worked great in VPC with only 512 MB of RAM (used 350 MB after start). The not so cool thing, related to the emulated GFX card, was that all the glass effects are not enabled in there.

    Installing Windows 7 in VPC was also REALLY fast! Smiley
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    I've bitten the bullet and installed Windows 7 on my Eee PC 1000h. I had to install the lan driver from the dvd which came with the PC and downloaded the wireless driver for vista from the wireless manufacturers web site and it is now fully functional with the full UI. Next, install visual studio 2008 and expression and see how it goes.

    So far there seems no difference between this and the speed of XP which came with it.

    One thing I do need to sort out is the Touch Pad as it seems to be clicking as I'm typing. Currently windows thinks its a PS2 compatible mouse.

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    My best luck has been using VirtualBox if you have a computer with AMD or Intel's virtualization extensions... due to those extensions it is ridiculously faster than VPC. Also, it supports 64-bit guests even on 32-bit OSes. I'm running the Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta (which is only x64) from MSDN in VirtualBox with only 1 GB of RAM given to the VM and it screams... and I'm running this on 64-bit Windows 7 as the host!

    I've noticed Windows 7 Beta crashing a lot on me, especially Explorer (taskbar, startmenu, and explorer itself), so for me it hasn't been the most stable of experiences. I have to reboot daily, sometimes even hourly. But here's to hoping a lot of those issues get fixed soon!
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    Are you sure that the crashes you're having aren't because of VirtualBox? I know that without SP1 installed Virtual PC 2007 is also not the best experience, but after installing SP1 it works like a champ for me. I only have 512MB allocated to the virtual machine (I could give it a lot more, but I love the fact that I don't have to!).

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    Just to prove its all working, including VS 2008 Smiley

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    Brain called it the "system tray". Raymond Chen won't be happy Smiley

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