This Week on C9: Xbox & Zune get updates, C9 gets custom CSS, and autonomous trucks!

Play This Week on C9: Xbox & Zune get updates, C9 gets custom CSS, and autonomous trucks!

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    Cool Smiley

    all themes with code can now be found here:
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    Do the trucks use wiimotes for the IR camera? ;o)
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    Welcome back Dan. Remember lots of rest & food!

    Holla Duncan!

    Thanks for the themes, jamie. I love the "Secret" theme.
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    I never used an AV and never had a virus. AVs make the computer so slow... dunno why, but it seems that everything that comes from the disk is really a lot slower.

    To achieve that I follow a few simple rules:
    1) never open attachments in emails that end with .exe, .bat, .cmd, .com, etc.
    2) never open downloaded files that you got from obscure sources
    3) never give an application administrator rights on Vista

    Worked for me for over 10 years now.
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    PLS  ZUNE in Europe  (Italy)
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    The same works for me, too.

    I can even say that a fair amount of problems I had with computers from customers turned out to be problems with AV software. Some of these were very difficult problems to track down.

    Having said that, I'd never recommend a customer not to use AV software if I'm not 100% sure she's an IT pro.
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    @minh - thanks Smiley

    @littleguru, @mawcc - I really think you guys should consider using AV software. There's plenty that are good out there and you are putting yourself at risk by not doing it. I'd personally recommend AVG Antivirus software - AVG has popped up at least once in the past six months with a warning on a page that was trying to execute malicious script running on a page. The site was a gamer site and was legitimate, but people were putting malicious script into ads that were then placed on sites. Other vulnerabilities that could already be on your machine are because of Flash. For example, a while back, if you went to one of the 12,000 sites infected with this Flash exploit, you could be infected. Littleguru's three steps above wouldn't have protected him from a Flash virus.
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    Well... in Vista the "flash virus" doesn't get admin rights and I wouldn't grant them - even more IE is put in a sandbox and therefore the flash virus wouldn't even see the real file system. Why should I bother?

    I had once NOD32 installed, since I think that's the only AV that doesn't add much overhead. With all the other AVs I always found myself disabling them because everything slowed down so dramatically.
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    With no Netflix here, I guess my favorite feature would be the quick game switching in the Guide. And as much as I hate the way those avatars look, I do chuckle everytime I see my gamer picture pop up:

    Also, welcome back Dan.
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    Lol, not yet but I can probably make it happen!

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