This Week on C9: jQuery, Win Mobile, Warcraft AddOn tools, and an Automed Bartender

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This Week on Channel 9, Clint Rutkas joins Dan Fernandez to discuss this week's developer news, including:

- March Madness on Demand - all 63 US college basketball games available streaming via Silverlight including 1.5Mbps streams (Note: Duke still sucks)
Windows Mobile 6.5 launches including MyPhone
- Get updated IntelliSense support for jQuery 1.3.1, via Alvin Ashcraft 
Intro to jQuery Video - UI effects, DOM traversal, AJAX
- Duncan Mackenzie - New update to Oxite release available including how to skin Oxite tutorial by Nathan Heskew
- Brian Gorbett - Mesh + Silverlight Video Player
- Mike Snow - How to load a local image into Silverlight using a stream
- Tool to convert a Windows image to a VHD file
- Upload pictures to Facebook using Windows Live Gallery, via Sarah Perez
- Visual Studio CopySourceAsHTML Add-in has tons of features for specifying HTML source
- Josh Holmes - Three Essential Expression Blend Add-ins
 Unify, Colorful Expression, and BlendSense (XAML IntelliSense)
15 Helpful .NET Extension Methods (consensus is they're not evil) via dotnetkicks
- New Channel 9 Show: Ping
- Clint's pick of the week: New version of Drunktender, an automated bartender and Clint meets Jimmy Kimmel at Maker Faire
- Dan's pick of the week: AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft Version 2 Beta 2 now available for Warcraft AddOn developers



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The Discussion

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    The link to the Drunktender project goes to Ping.

    The question I was looking to answer was where did you get the drinks database from?  Been looking for a good one for a while.
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    Doh, good catch, fixed the link. I sent a quick email to Clint to see where he got it from. I know Robert Hess (Knowledge Chamber host) keeps one at
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    Nice show. Didn't know about the Expression Blend addins.
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    WoW - without addons.. I would never have gotten sucked into that game if it wasn't for the addons Smiley
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    Me too, I just checked and I probably have at least 50 addons (not including Blizzard ones or addon options (Cartographer, PitBull) in my AddOns directory Smiley

    Speaking of AddOns, Sampy and I are working on a cool AddOn idea for Coding4Fun. It's too early to share, but it should be both useful & a good example for folks.

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    The High Quality video of Ping is much better than This Week on C9. What's up with that?
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    It's an encoding difference. We encode at a lower bit rate to reduce the total file size. We could change it, but it could mean 2x the size. If you think the resolution is too low, we can change it, but it does mean a bigger file size.

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    Personally I wouldn't mind a bigger file. Hopefully you'll get more feedback on this Smiley

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