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"Special" guest host Ed Kaim is in the studio as Dan is down covering GDC.

This week's episode includes

- Microsoft announces DreamSpark - Free software for students
- Max Zuckerman interviews Bill Gates on what he would do if he was 17 again.
- XNA announces Community Arcade which enables anyone to submit a game, get it peer-reviewed, and shared with the Xbox Live community
- XNA also announced that you'll be able to build games for Zune with XNA Game Studio 3.0 including wireless multiplayer
- Xbox also announced that publishers who have an XDK will now have access to a set of XNA APIs that enable leaderboard, matchmaking, achievements, and more, found via Greg Duncan
- Windows Live SkyDrive is out of beta and increased it's size to 5GB. Also see Angus Logan's Blog and
- VS DB Pro team releases Power Tools - custom data generators, SQL Static analysis, data generation wizard, and more, via Gert Drapers
- Visualize LINQ Expression Evaluation - Utility that enables you to visually see and step through LINQ expressions from John Skeet
- Brian's pick of the week: William Stacey fixes the VS SLN problem with 1 line of PowerShell
- Ed's Pick of the week: Nikhil Kothari's Script#



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