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This Week on Channel 9 with guest host Ed Kaim, we cover

-  Microsoft Partners with Top Social Networks (0:50 - 2:50)
- ASP.NET MVC Source available for download (2:50 -  3:50)
- Silverlight version of Visual Studio Express site launches (3:50 - 5:06) 
- Martin Maly whiteboards how a statement in IronPython is converted into IL and an Expression Tree (5:06 - 9:27)
- Giles Thomas shows using the ResolverOne spreadsheet to call a .NET class (9:27 - 11:20)
- Scott Austin discusses how Xbox Live Arcade games are enable user-generated content for things like maps (11:20 - 14:05)
- James Newton-King releases JSON.NET to CodePlex a simple wrapper to serialize JavaScript classes into .NET classes (14:05 - 16:20)
- Derek Bartram's Code Project WPF Wizard Dialog (16:20 - 17:49)
- UI Patterns Web site, via (17:49 - 18:40)
- Dan's Pick of the Week: Eric Hadden's Code Project wrapper for burning CD/DVD Media (18:40 - 20:00)
- Ed's Pick of the Week: Silverlight Streaming Ads Pilot where you host videos for free and make money (20:00 - 22:29)



The Discussion

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    Ah! That's where I left my bloody shoe! Can you ship it to me at the beach? That'd be great.

    Nice show, guys.

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    Awkward!  No really...good stuff...the end made it all worth it though.

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    allowing users to create levels in a game is a significant move forward, me might just get some endless addictive games;)
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    I've been liking the design of the new VAIOs. I'm wondering if Ed's laptop has those funny looking flat keys that I saw on a Sony laptop I looked at a while ago. Ed's looks like an FZ series.

    The new CR-Series has one of the best designs I've seen in a while (even when Eva Avila isn't holding it) but of course looks aren't everything. I know someone who got a VAIO laptop a while ago and it didn't even come with a restore CD. How can you sell a computer and not give them the OS on a disk?
    It was also FULL of useless "shovelware" like most big OEM machines but I'd be even more concerned when it comes to Sony.

    Are the newer Sony notebooks with Vista better than the older XP machines?

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