This week on C9: Clean hard drive space, Microformats, Crack.NET, Pex updates & more

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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the top developers news, including:

SQL Server Report Builder 2.0 - No-code database reporting and graphing, via Adam Cogan on the Regional Directors mailing list
WPF 3.5 SP 1 Source/Debug Symbols now available, via Lester Lobo
Mix Online relaunched & Oomph Microformat Toolkit available
Crack.NET - A tool to listen and inspect .NET applications/memory while they run, via Lester Lobo
SecondLight in PC Magazine - It's like Surface, but it also projects onto virtual objects, video coming next week to Channel 10
- Lucian Wischik - A VS plugin to background run your code and see the output, via Jason Haley
- Scott Hanselman - Freeing up Disk Space in Windows Vista and Brian shares his tips for shrinking VPC sizes
- Bill Hill: The Future of Reading on the Web, Part 2 where Bill relates the history of letters and their evolution from symbols and learning to read animal tracks.
- Microsoft Web Application Installer tool installs open source applications including WordPress, PHPBB, DotNetNuke, and more
- For PDC attendees: Meet the Channel 9 team and get a free C9 t-shirt, Monday 3-4pm, designed by Jamie
- For PDC attendees: is a Mobile phone interface for seeing announcements, session information and more.
- Brian's Pick of the week: Pex 0.8 + CodeDigger released - autogenerates exploratory unit tests and even gives suggestions to fix your code, via Jason Haley
- Dan's Pick of the week: Video clip of Adam Kinney showing QuakeLight, a port of the Quake game to Silverlight 



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