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This week on C9: Windows 7 RC, Glimmer for jQuery, and ZOMG Ponies

18 minutes, 54 seconds


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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the top developer news including:

Windows 7 Release Candidate available to MSDN & TechNet Subscribers
- Brian Keller - Install Windows 7 RC on a Virtual PC
- Karsten Januszewski & Tim Aidlin : Glimmer app lets you easily build jQuery effects with no code
- We officially launched the Channel 9 Team blog
- Kotaku - Add ponies and rainbows to ESPN.com using Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A (using Cornify script)
- Drew Robbins - Channel9 Plug-in for PlayOn lets you watch Channel 9 videos on your XBOX 360
- Silverlight blog - WPF and Silverlight using the Facebook OpenStream API
- Anders Hejlsberg & Gilad Bracha - Perspectives on Programming Language Design
- Jim Holmes - MS Evangelists should build real examples and real tests, like Mike Sampson's Oxite Retrospective at Alt.NET
- Brad Abrams - the code for Scott Guthrie's Silverlight for Business Applications demo is now available (keynote video)
- Sarah Perez - A Multi-touch pad for Windows could Multitouch enable legacy PCs
List of LINQ providers - (Twitter, WMI, Excel, SharePoint, JSON, etc), via Greg Duncan
Swine Flu Web Slice available
- Brian's pick of the week - Narenda Wicaksono geeks out his wedding
- Dan's pick of the week - Video: Harmonizer for Web devs


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  • Great show as usual.  

    I know that I'm tired of going to conferences or user group talks where Northwind is the example.  Most of the people who I work with chock it up to laziness on the part of the presenter.  I know you probably can't show "real" code, but come on, there must be more complex examples than Northwind.   A great talk where Northwind wasn't the example was Coding4Fun at the PDC, I very much enjoyed that.  Or the C++ Kate Gregory did at TechEd where she showed off WordPad.  Or, The Blend guys did this at PDC, they showed a demo using the Blend code, and it was awesome!

    Also, if I'm paying quite a bit to be at a conference, and you show me Northwind, it will reflect in your evals.

    Oh, and it's no longer called Swine Flu, it's now called H1N1 Influenza.  I personally think it's being blown out of proportion.  I'm sure a movie will be made.  Attention has now moved from Global Warming in the media to a virus' which will bring the Armageddon.

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    One of the benefits of a largely non-adopted language that is in it's early stages of development is the flexibility afforded to the language designer to change course at fundamental levels as well as in vocabulary/features/compiler. I think Newspeak and especially the concepts it aims to express are rather important and will, in my opinion, yield tasty fruit at some point in time, in some form.

  • BasBas It finds lightbulbs.
    Whoa, so now the show is hosted from the Aperture Science labs?

    Nice show. I'll have to look into that PlayOn thing. Although I suppose some sort of Media Center plugin would be an even easier way to watch C9 videos on your TV.
  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"
    So PlayOn is great, especially if you are like me and have the 360 set up and a few PCs on the same network but are not using Media Center... but if you are using Media Center, then you might want to check out TV Tonic which I know makes on10.net videos available and I believe has Channel 9 in there as well



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