This week on C9: Windows 7, WPF futures, and use UI testing to automate your job

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This week on Channel 9, Brian and Dan discuss the top developer news, including:

Windows 7 RC is available to download now
- Yochay Kiriaty Windows 7 videos
  - Windows 7 Taskbar: Changes from Beta to RC
  - Windows 7 Taskbar: Advanced Features
  - Windows 7 Multi Touch: Overview
  - Windows 7 Multi-Touch: Part 1
  - Windows 7 Multi-Touch: Part 2

 - Windows SDK and Windows API Code Pack for the .NET Framework available, via Tim Sneath's Developers Guide to Preparing for Windows 7
- Michael Scherotter - New York Times Silverlight SDK 
- Bill Buxton - On Engineering and Design - an Open Letter
- Silverlight blog: Expression Gallery to share images, WPF themes, CSS templates, XAML behaviors, and more
- Frank La Vigne - Star Wars Scroller in Silverlight 3, via Alvin Ashcraft
- WPF Futures released on Codeplex, includes Shader Effects, Splash Screen, Client Profile Configuration Designer, WPF Themes, M-V-VM Toolkit, via Lester Lobo
- Ayende Rahien - Are Util & Common libraries evil?
- Brian Peek: How to configure your device emulator to work after adding Windows Virtual PC to Windows 7 RC
VS Gesture project, via Greg Duncan, and discussion on how you could Multi Touch enable Visual Studio
- Code Project: Improve performance of calculating image sizes using a binary reader
- Silverlight Blog - NBC Olympics wins an Emmy with Silverlight for Outstanding New Approaches Sports Event Coverage.
Christian "Littleguru" Liensberger becomes a Microsoft employee!
- Brian's pick of the week - 10-4 episode on Functional UI Testing and discussion how you can use it to fake working
- Dan's pick of the week: Coding4Fun: Dan Waters article on Building Multiplayer Texas Hold 'Em Poker for the Zune



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    Guys, i think you need to reencode the video, because the quality is really bad: everything is doubled, in all the qualities. I cannot understand anything from the text on the sites, especially in HQ WMV version.
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    Hahaha! Thanks for the announcement Smiley

    Nice picks of the week this week guys!
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    Thanks, Raul; yes we know it's a problem and I've got a request in to the studio techs for a re-encode. As you can tell from the backdrop the studio is going through a lot of upgrades right now and it's a bit chaotic. Hopefully we'll get a better encoding up for this one soon, otherwise it will have to wait until the next episode before we can fix it.
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    Maddus Mattus

    Grats Christan!

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