This week on C9: XNA updates, Win 7 Training, VS 2010, build your own arcade

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    Can't get away from that damned Hanselcade anywhere. It'll be on Oprah next.

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    Quick note on the VSIX comment that I made for having to manually install the code snippets for ASP.NET MVC. Quan To, from the extensibility team, corrected me in that while the VSI format (from VS 2005/2008) allowed you to package code snippets to easily share/install them, VSIX does not include this feature. They do plan to support it in Dev 11 though, it just got cut in terms of features for Dev 10.

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    Its realy amazing that we can make avatar games with XNA.

    This is my first XNA 3.1 avatar game protype.

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    It's neat that more and more of this stuff gets added to XNA. The only drawback I see is that now we'll have more games with those annoyingly happy avatars. Stop smiling and pointing your finger up in the air already!

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    Thanks for the link for my PoshBing library guys.  You commented on the lack of usages for such a library.  While I agree, translating a string from a PowerShell console session is probably not the best use case, but using it as a conduit for other PowerShell related projects is viable.  As an example, I wrote a Twitter bot in PowerShell that uses my PoshTweet PowerShell Twitter library along with my PoshBing project.  This all runs in a console on my desktop but with it anyone can Twitter @askbing with a question and it will use PoshBing to query the Bing APIs for the relevant answer.  Here's a post on the project along with details:

    Thanks again for the post, I really like your show.


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