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Azure Event Hubs with Kafka coolness

Play Azure Event Hubs with Kafka coolness
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Corey Sanders, Corporate VP - Microsoft Azure Compute team sat down with Dan Rosanova, Principal PM responsible for Azure messaging services. Dan shares some new functionality around Event Hubs with Kafka compatibility.

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The Discussion

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    Vanessa Kilgore

    I was not rehearsed for this plus I was in shock so please don't AIR

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    Al Hubbard

    My son gave me a Dell Inspiron 4000...It has no sound card installed?????...and, the task bar says not genuine O/S...I am 81+, and in not the greatest health and cannot afford to buy a repair...How can I download a FREE sound card so I can listen to music???
    Thank you for your consideration.

    Al Hubbard
    North Port, Florida

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    Howard van Rooijen

    I love the strategy of keeping the internals of the service proprietary and yet enabling interoperability with the OSS ecosystem at a protocol level. Such a smart move. I wish more of the Azure PGs would use this approach. Keep up the great work Dan & Team!

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