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Corey Sanders, Corporate VP - Microsoft Azure Compute team sat down with Hariharan Jayaraman, Principal PM on the Azure Linux Team to talk about a private preview of Serial Console to Linux and Windows VMs.

Have a look at the official blog:

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The Discussion

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    The link to the blog gives "Sorry, authentication failed", stripping the 'preview/' from the URL does give the blog.

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    @Magnificus:DOH!  thanks for the catch. Hari gave us the preview link! FIXED

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    So the elephant in the room is while the serial console in Windows is helpful it would likely take significantly longer to troubleshoot/repair a OS incapable of RDP with just a command line. Are there plans to give full console access so GUI tools can be used, like what On-Premise (ESX, Hyper-V, etc.) has today, or is that really not a feature Microsoft thinks their customers want.

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    Am I seeing a "The Discipline of Organizing" logo on Hari's laptop!? That's awesome! I love that book.

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