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Corey is all in on Azure Policy

Play Corey is all in on Azure Policy

The Discussion

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    Hi Corey,
    thank you for all your vieos you put here
    I have a request I will send it to you by email
    I hope you will answer me as soon as possible

    thank you again

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    Hello Corey,
    thank you again for helping us knowing much information
    it's Richard who commented your post
    my request I have a server containt 5 ips
    but not fixed, I receive it as junk
    and I need to know a methode to apply, for a best reputation, to send to subscribes people information about our association
    to sensitise all to help and encourage us to do better things to the poor people, who suffer with cold, rain, snow in the mountains ...

    please answer me as soon as possible you can
    thank you so much corey


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    Hello Corey,

    I am working on Azure Policies and i need to do the following

    I have some Azure active directory groups - Developers, QA... etc

    I want to restrict some of these group deploying resources by pulling VM images, SaaS services from Azure Market place.

    I have 2 challenges here
    1. these restriction should work based on user - not based on resource group
    2. restrict access to the resources available in Azure Market place
    (Note:We dont have a Enterprise Azure subscription to get this handy.)

    Also suggest me from where i can get azure sample policies to get control more granular.
    Currently i am referring sample policies from Do you have any repository to share with us?

    Thanks a lot

    Have a great day.


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