Tuesdays with Corey Azure Functions Part 2 - Expanded Demo

Play Tuesdays with Corey Azure Functions Part 2 - Expanded Demo

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    I keep hearing about per-execution pricing but why does it require choosing an App Service plan to create a new function? Those service plans have a monthly cost associated with them. Am I missing something?

    Is it also true that the function runs in that App Service? So if I choose a smaller B1 my functions might not perform as well as a premium tier?

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    Can you show Functions calling a Logic App? Is that possible?

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    Chris A

    Chris from the video here.

    1. Dynamic App Service plans (new) are pay per execution. They also work in "dedicated" mode, which is nice for steady workloads or resource heavy workloads where you want control over the "server". Functions do run on App Service, and they do generally run more stuff the more resources (up or out) you specify. In dynamic, we handle the scale out portion for you. In dedicated, it's still on you. A single B1 will do less work than multiple B3s.

    2. You can use a Function from within a Logic App. I do a demo here of how that works: https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Cloud+Cover/Episode-205-Azure-Functions-with-Chris-Anderson

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