Tuesdays with Corey: Classic vs ARM - what up with that?

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Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team answers a common question he gets regarding when to use "Classic" Azure services vs "Resource Manager" ARM templates.

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The Discussion

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    Trond Hindenes

    ARM support is currently a big mess. Lack of documentation, lack of feature roadmap, lack of migration roadmap (which was promised a month ago).

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    Excellent summary of what to use when. It would be great is someone would finish the chart that you started in the video for us.

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    I'm so excited about all of this, declarative with a way of extending declarative models and hiding all the imperative scripts seems obvious to me.  I'm so glad this is becoming the norm for Azure and On-Prem deployment.  I wish it would leak into my coding world more than just deployment.  I'm a huge fan of declarative approaches with the ability to add new declarative features backed by imperative code. 


    Okay one question, can I do any of this On-Prem yet?  Even with 2016 preview versions?  If so can you point me to any tutorials?  Azure Stack installs?  Thanks.

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    The ONLY hangup for me right now is lack of support for #XR, affectionately known as ExpressRoute. I thought that perhaps an ASM (Azure v1.0) dedicated circuit link would be able to speak to ARM vNets (Azure v2.0).   Not so apparently. 

    I can deal with waiting for the rest of it - after all, it's moving very quickly - but the #XR piece is critical for premiere hybrid customers.  I've designed my five subscription inter-vNet network but in order for it to talk to two 'terrestrial' datacenters I need ExpressRoute live...muy asap.

    Its the the only thing stopping me from proceeding with ARM.  

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