Tuesdays with Corey: Coolness of Visual Studio Azure Functions Tools!

Play Tuesdays with Corey: Coolness of Visual Studio Azure Functions Tools!


Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team dives into Azure Functions ONCE AGAIN. This time we have Donna Malayeri, Program Manager on the Azure Functions team showing us the new Visual Studio Azure Functions tools. 

Visual Studio Tools for Azure Functions – blog post with link to download the tools

Running Azure Functions Locally with the CLI and VS Code

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The Discussion

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    Please dont say PMs dont know how to code, PMs who ship SDKs should know how to code :)

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    It was just meant as a joke. :) I do know how to code, just not at the level of the developers on my team, which is my point of reference. In a past life I was a dev; now I mostly write samples and demos rather than product code. 

    At any rate, perhaps not the best joke to instill confidence in my audience!

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    Hi Donna, in my view it is great decision that Azure Functions is delivered as an independent package with CLI, so that it can be used / developed from VS Code, CLI, etc.. Really nice for all developers, not only full VS users.

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    Glad to hear you like that, we intentionally chose this design to be so flexible.

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    Great overview of the tooling with C#, how to run it all locally, and include the Azure storage explorer.

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